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  1. Mikie

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    The book, "Simple Abundance" has inspired me for so long. My daughter loved it and thought I would too so she gave me a copy. Something as simple as a well-organized linen closet is discussed and it inspired me to clean mine out and organize it. My daughter once saw under my sink just after I had cleaned it and she thought it was wonderful. Last time I visited, I cleaned out under her sink and put the little oddball things into small plastic containers. I lined it with some new white rubber shelf liner. She says even when her life feels like it is falling apart, she looks under her sink and there is one area which is clean and organized.

    I do rest when I need to but there are days when I feel up to doing a little something but not anything too physical. I take on small projects around the condo. It helps me to feel as though I'm not totally useless.

    Over the years, I have done a lot of work on my condo when I'm in remission and I enjoy living with the improvements. Of course, it's always a work in progress but most of it is done for now. I often just walk around and enjoy looking at the various rooms or out my windows. Out back is a small pond with a fountain. It attracts some gorgeous and exotic birds. On the side is our pool and it is beautiful. At dusk, the pool lights come on and the palm trees around my window frame it all. It still takes my breath away. I get a lot of light all day long and I enjoy just watching how the light falls on the walls and ceiling. When the sun bounces off the water, it is incredibly peaceful.

    I take great care in placing things I love in my spaces and they continue to give me pleasure. I have applied Feng Shui to my home and the space feels good. It has good Chi. People notice it when they come in. I use those diffusers and scented candles to make the space smell fresh. Some people could not do that because of sensory problems or allergies.

    Some of the things which give me satisfaction are little improvements like light fixtures I've installed to update the look or the new towel racks and faucets I installed in the baths.

    I believe that if our homes reflect us, it enhances our lives. The biggest problem I have is that when I'm feeling iffy, I think I have to use whatever energy I have just to keep up with things. Being organized helps a lot but somethimes, there's just not enough energy to go around. At times like that, I just take it easy and try to enjoy what I have. I call it my little treehouse. I live on the second floor and looking out the big slider doors, I see the branches of the trees next to our building and it does feel like living in a treehouse.

    Simple pleasures are the best.

    Love, Mikie

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    Yes I agree and feel less is more. I have tried to simplify my life so I can enjoy the simple things.

    My greatest pleasure is riding my golf cart all around these county tree lined roads with my dogs. We do this every evening and then watch the sunset.

    Your picture you painted in words about your view sounds wonderful, how lucky we are to live in such beautiful places.

    There is on single lane paved road I go down that is lined with trees that bend over the road and touch each other, it is like going back in time.

    Glad things are good for you, when are you going to start painting again? Have a great day-Carla
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    I have just cleaned out/gone thru at least 80% of my 'stuff' in this house that we've lived in for over 21 years... Due to crashing slowly but surely over past 10 years, my 'studio' became the 'storage' room, looked like a tornado went thru it as different people rummaged thru it over the years, and elsewhere, looking for stuff.

    Well, now we are moving......... we have taken a ton of stuff to donate, thrown out a LOT of stuff that donation places won't take (they're picky these days!) and that we'll never have a use for.... even if we do come back here to live.

    (We are moving to Mexico in 2 WEEKS to a happily already furnished place, so taking very little with us due to limited space (taking 4 dogs too between 2 cars, plus 3 of us!). Well -- apparently, everything's arranged except for wiring the $$ for a deposit, which I should be able to do tomorrow. Altho our house appears to be rented for Aug 1 anyway.)

    Point being, tho, that even tho I'm exhausted and burnt out, it does feel so good to go thru all this stuff, store what I might want/need in the future 1 way or the other, and get rid of (most of) the rest.

    Mentally it has given me a lift, as tired as I am!

    There is a huge plus to living more simply... something our culture has really lost sight of as a whole......

    take care,

  4. lilaclover30

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    We have a home full of things, really too much. Most of the things have come from my grandparents and a few from great-grandparents. I look at all of these beautiful things and wonder what will become of them.

    I still ilove looking at them. I try to give things to grandkids when they are here but-------they are not into those things as yet. I did give 2 beautiful cut-glas cdandy dishes to one couple as wedding gifts. The groom's mother told my daughter that she didn't give "used things, did she?" LOL

    Those of you who told us of getting down to the basic pleasures are to be praised! God bless you!

  5. Cromwell

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    I was just telling people here tjhat I was planning on cleaning the linen closet out about now.

    Tis a Gift to be Simple for sure.

    Love Annie
  6. Mikie

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    I enjoyed reading each one of your replies.

    Lincamp, I am a cloud watcher and love thunderstorms too. We get some lulus down here in FL. There is a website for cloud lovers which offers spectacular pics of cloud formations. One of them is my PC wallpaper. It is lenticular clouds over what appear to be tiled Italian rooflines. The colors are beautiful.

    Carla, I loved the mental pic of the country road with overleaning treetops. How incredible! I have a canvas in my little sitting room on the easel. I have lightly sketched out a Tuscan looking landscape, very, very simple. The colors will be yellow, green and brown. Now, if I could just get in the right mood...

    Victoria, I responded to your post about moving South on the other board. I am so excited for you that you are finally able to make the move. I hope and pray all goes well. What an adventure! Please, keep us updated.

    Joan, I'm laughing at the "used things" comment. There is a huge difference between used things and faimly heirlooms and treasured antiques. Myself, I'd rather get an heirloom than a toaster :) I gave some of Mom's jewelry to my girls and they are thrilled. A couple of pins look like expensive estate jewelry

    I just got back from picking up my Klonopin at Target. I found Puff tissues in the cube boxes for $99 each. I bought 20 boxes. Yes, while I do try to keep it simple, I always stock up on sale items. I also got some toilet tissue. I have allergies and use a lot of tissues and I drink a lot and pee a lot, so when I can save money, I jump at the chance. The top shelves of my linen closet and utility closet store the extras for me.

    Target had reduced nice tee shirts to $6.29. They were closing them out for 50 percent off the last price ($3.15). I got three. As it is, I have a lifetime supply of tees, but that's all we wear down here in the jungle, tees, shorts, capri pants, and sandals. It isn't so much that I don't have things; it's that I try to keep what I do have organized and I buy everything I can on sale. If I had to move, I'd get rid of at least 60 percent of what I have. I'm always in the donation mode and if I die with stuff, my kids will have to deal with it. At least, it will be orderly stuff :)

    I decided I had to wash my vehicle, so I stopped and did that. I do it myself at a place where the little bays are like wind tunnels. It's very refreshing to wash and dry with the breeze blowing through. I stopped to buy a LOTTO ticket and decided to pick up some Chinese food next door. I'm sitting here gorging on it. Mmmmmmm!

    My ex's bro called me to say hi the other afternoon. I told him that I've done everything I ever wanted to do and really lived. My life now is simple and boring and it suits me just fine. I don't feel as though I've missed a thing. I'm truly happy and I'm not sure a lot of people can say that. Looks like y'all are happy and I'm glad to hear that. I'll bet it's because the simple things mean so much. They are free and are everywhere.

    Love, Mikie

  7. Mikie

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    Yes, it does feel good to weed out what we no longer need. The thing about Americans' love affair with possessions is that one can never get enough stuff to fill the empty void. People think they will be happy when they get the new car, the new house, etc. but once they get those things, they still hunger for more. One of the silver linings with our illnesses is that we need to simplify just to survive and in the process, we begin to see the beauty of the simple life.

    When I was a little girl, my mom would rock me in the big wooden rocking chair on our front pourch just before bedtime. We would watch the car lights going up the mountainside and the moon and stars in the sky. I can still remember those nights and how good it felt to be cuddled in my soft blankie on cool evenings in CO.

    Love, Mikie
  8. greygodess

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    The saying goes that a cluttered desk reflects a cluttered mind. What does a cluttered house reflect? I have never been this bad. I donate books to the library for sale. I donate decent clothes, some even new and never worn. But no flat surface goes uncovered. I have visions of being the hoarder you see on tv. With just a path to get through.

    But I do enjoy simple things. The growing family of Canadian geese I see a couple times a week. The bunnies across the street. Our too few fireflies we get at this time of year. Nature is my connection with God. Plants and animals. Rainbows and shooting stars. Oh, and a good book. Godbless
  9. ckball

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    This is my simple pleasure. I ride to there and walk the dogs or sometimes I ride and let them walk if I had already met my daily req for walking,lol.

    I am still working on my rock project which was going to be small but somehow it expanded....alot. In the end it will be simpler to maintain with less mowing and weed eater.

    I am not as organized as I would like to be but I have been a constant state of improvement and still have many things to do like replace my bedroom door so it will match the rest of the house. Stain my 4-2ft x 7ft pantry cabinets, I got them 2 years ago when I put the new kit in and stained all the other cabinets, but something came up, oh like a flair maybe :) Anyway 2 years later they are not stained. But I do have my stained glass organized in them so I get a star for that,hehe.

    Ok enjoy the pic-Carla
  10. Bruin63

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    Mikie, I had a good chuckle, when I first read the post, because yesterday, I totally rearranged the Front Room, it really wasn't to hard, since DH put in the Wood Floor, everything slides.

    The reason I did it, was to make it easier for my DH to keep his clutter down, and places for his files, instead of all over the house.

    He came home last night and I was laying flat out on my bed, He say's, "Wow, were you Busy today or What".
    I threw a pillow at him, and Missed him, durnit.

    Today I am paying for it, so the rest of the week it will be back to the simple things, that I can do, without all the pain that comes afterwards.

    The place looks better tho.

    Hope your feeling Better these day's, are you as Hot on your Coast as I am on Mine, lol, ugh.

    Thanks for letting me know about Shirl, and I will keep her in my Prayers.
    Have a Good Day,
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    Kool Thread!
    Here are the simple things i enjoy,,,,,,,the pungent smell of any type of flowers,,,moon,,stars, Birds singing, rivers-creeks running,,,,campfires,,,babies of any kind!,,,theres more but your right it seems the older we get the less Material things Mean!,,,,,,,I'm always working on the organization thing,,,,makeing some slow progress,,,,,Hugs!,,,,Sis
  12. Mikie

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    Goddess, I used to enjoy the geese and bunnies in CO. Here in FL, I enjoy the little geckos and our exotic birds. I had never seen fireflies until I visited my kids in Atlanta. We don't have them where I live here in FL. Rainbows are another simple pleasure which, IMHO, are miracles.

    Carla, thanks so much for including the pic in your profile. I can see why a nice stroll down the lane is such a pleasure. It is truly beatiful.

    Sharon, wow! You did do a lot. Yes, it is really hot over here and the breezes are our only saving grace. Last night, we had such a thunderstorm and with high winds. There was a tornado watch in effect. The rain just beat against the walls and the rafters creaked and cracked over my bed. Yikes! Shirl still isn't up to par. I keep her in my prayers.

    Sis, I agree. I think the old advice to "smell the roses" becomes more meaningful as we grow older. I still have a long way to go but am much more organized than I used to be. I'm also better at not letting things slip back into a mess. Feng Shui has really helped me to realize just how much better my space feels when it's not cluttered. I have become very diligent at keeping my front door, and the area around it, clean and unclutterd.

    Thanks, everyone for sharing what brings you pleasure. It has brought me pleasure just reading about it.

    Love, Mikie