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    I have another question, are there any doctors or people in the medicial field that post to this board that would be willing to represent or give me insight as how difficult medically it is for patients with FMS? And typically what types of meds are prescribed for treatment of FMS?
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    I am not in the medical field. But I know that antidepressants in low levels are commonly given to patients with FMS- they are used to increase the quality of sleep and increase pain tolerance. Elavil is common. A great resource to find the common drugs that are of any use to FMS patients is 'Fibromyalgia for Dummies'- it lists the drugs used- narcotic pain killers, muscle relaxants and antidepressants. It also lists the type of medications that are of no use to us. Unfortunately more often than not it is the patient that informs the doctor of these things.
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    There was a post recently, by one of our medical professionals, called Med check? Do a search in the bar at the top, everyone who responded gave a list of what they were prescribed.

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