sinemet is keeping me a wake....for rls

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  1. 69mach1

    69mach1 New Member

    i just don't know what i am going to do my docotr prescribed my the gnerica form of it...

    so i guess maybe i should ask for mirapex instead, plus this helps with sleep and the fibromyalgia...

    is this true for anyone hear....????

  2. 69mach1

    69mach1 New Member

    i need sleep and these meds that they try on me are doing a number on my sleep pattern or lack of it....

  3. roseylisa

    roseylisa New Member

    I take mirapex for RLS. I take four, each one is 0.5mg, just before I go to bed, I have found out that if I wait and take it after the RLS acts up then I am miserable for a couple of hours. Its like an itch you can't scratch!Take four before it acts up then you will get a better nites sleep.
  4. pamsue

    pamsue New Member

    Hi Jodie

    This may be a dumb question but is rls restless leg syndrome? Can you tell me what that is?

    Is sinemet something that they prescribe to patients for that?

    Sorry to ask it is just that I have problems with my legs and I have FM, do a lot of people with FM have rls?


  5. Rosiebud

    Rosiebud New Member

    are supposed to help me sleep have kept me WIDE awake!!

    This happens to some of us.

    I know take a 3mg Melatonin, 1 ZMA (Prohealth) and an antihistamine.

  6. 69mach1

    69mach1 New Member

    but an uncotrollable urge to move those legs...a deep itch burning pain...etc....

  7. 69mach1

    69mach1 New Member

    i wished i could remember all of the names, buti am lucky to remember my own...

    i am not taking the sinemet tonight i can not handle a nother night of now sleep until 5 am or later then have my son wake me up at 7:30 to take him to school...then fall asleep...
    at 9:30 this is for the birds i can not stand it anymore...

    i will call my dr's office tuesday...tell them about my issues... i will try mirapex if kaise will allow it...



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