Sinequan: has anyone tried it? Did it help?

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by capicuaaa, Nov 29, 2005.

  1. capicuaaa

    capicuaaa New Member

    HI everyone,

    I'm wondering about fellow PWCs' experiences with Sinequan elixir. Was it helpfull? I worry about morning grogginess but I'd really like to try the small dose along with klonopin in order to sleep better but have one major problem: Sinequan (doxepin) isn't commercialized in Portugal, so really I don't know how on earth to get hold of it! I'd really like to try it and see if it helps of if it's another one of those (that didn't!). Any suggestions?

    Love Daniela
  2. capicuaaa

    capicuaaa New Member

    Hi Nancy!

    Thanks for the info. Yes, in fact, I'm looking to buy the elixir for of doxepin; I found that Pzifer commercializes the tablet form in some European countries but not the oral concentrate form. So I'm really disappointed as sleep has always been a major issue with me. I'm thinking, as a last resort kind of thing, of asking a couple of my dad's friends to send over a bottle of elixir Sinequan (from the States to Portugal) but for that they would have to get a doctor's prescription to buy it in the first place, wouldn't they? Or can you buy meds there without prescription? (Here in Portugal, they let you off the hook with some but the prices aren't as high as over there. How come medication is sooo expensive there if you don't have insurance? I'm wondering how much a bottle of Sinequan elixir would cost. Do you happen to know? Sorry about all the questions but I seem to be on this almost obsessive quest for Sinequan, lol. I just want to have the possibility of improving my horrible sleep, you know:)

    Love daniela
  3. granmama

    granmama New Member

    My daughter just got a script for it today. It was capsule form of 25mg to begin with at bedtime.
    She has fibro, but this was prescribed for her anxiety, panic attacks and depression. No sleep problems.

    I'll update if she has any negative side effects.
    Anyone had a bad experience with it?

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