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    hello everyone,
    does anyone else have trouble getting health insurance?.I've been turned down by 5 different companies,because of fibromyalgia and pre-exsisting conditions.I spoke to anthem(blue cross/blue shield).

    and the women I spoke to was very understanding to my frustration about this issue,and agreed with me on why are insurance companies denying health ins,if you have fibro?

    well because they are all ignorant to this because of lack of understanding,and are afraid of the unknown.but I told the women that there are missing out on alot of money.some company will enventually pick us up.until then I guess we suffer and wait it out....god bless all of you guys janice
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    When you have existing health issues, the only way I know to get coverage, is go to work for a company that provides benefits. I know many people who only work to get their health insurance.

    Usually if you have received health insurance benefits and quit the job, they have to offer you COBRA which continues your coverage. When COBRA runs out, it goes to the HIPPA plan.

    I am with Blue Cross on the HIPPA. Insurance is so expensive, I pay over $800 a month! It is a sacrifice but I refuse to go without it.

    Yes many people can't get health insurance so they wind up walking into the hospital emergency rooms for treatment of colds, etc. Our health care system is terrible in this country.

    The state should open clinics for people to go to who are uninsured. Many of the hospitals in my community have closed their emergency rooms because of the financial burden of uninsured people.

    It may not be possible but, I would find some job I might be able to do just to get the coverage, then when you leave, purchase the COBRA coverage.

    I realize it might not be a good solution for you, but I don't know anything else except to apply for coverage on state aid if you are really low income.