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    I just saw an ad for Singulair. I think it's a waste, if you have allergies like that you probably just need to quit dairy. They went on to say the mild side effects may include headaches, ear infections and upper respiratory infections. And the narrator had a smile on his face, you could hear it in his voice.

    THEN, they said for kids as young as 2, try cherry flavored Singulair! Is it just me or are they suffering from cranium in rectum???!!! I think one of the biggest mistakes ever made was allowing drugs to be advertised on television. I feel like putting some videos of drug ads with their side effects into a time capsule. I don't know if people in the future will laugh, cry or merely shake their heads in disbelief. I think it must be a form of population control, nobody in charge can possibly think all this junk is doing us any good. Unless, of course, they suffer from cranium in rectum also.

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    ...we play here is to over narrate all those side effects when they say do not take this drug if...we add all sorts of things like if you sleep each night, if you stand whilst walking, if you eat at least two meals a day, if you are either male or female, if you are single, if you are married, also do not take this drug if you ever grocery shop or use a computer as the effects of these activities have not been monitored in clinical trials.

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    has helped me ALOT! with my allergies, asthma, and chronic rhinitis. have not had any bad side effects from it. I've had allergies asthma rhinitis my whole life! (i did try grapeseed but it didnt help at all)

    i never tried going off all dairy. i dont drink milk ever, but i do eat cheese, ice cream, sour cream, yogurt, etc. dont really want to give all those things up!

    just my 2 cents.

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    I had allergies all my life, too, until I quit dairy. It's the pasteurization and homogenization that alters the protein molecule and makes it activate the immune system. I noticed raw milk and raw milk cheeses didn't bother my allergies.

    But since CFS is an immune system disorder and dairy may be aggravating it and adding to the problem, you should consider getting off it. It preoccupies the immune system too much and can keep you from getting well. Try nuts milks and nut products, instead.

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    If I had to guess, I'd say maybe the dairy is causing inflammation and then you get the aches. I get bad allergies from milk and cream unless it's raw. Why don't you try either nut milks or raw milk if you can find it. The pasteurization is what's bad so organic won't matter.

    I've been thinking about making my own nut cream, too, with cashews, I just have to wait until I can eat some fruit again and then I'll try the cashew cheescake recipe I have. Here's the cashew milk for the coffee:

    (I wouldn't bother with the sweetener if you don't have to, depends what you use it for)

    Cashew Milk


    1/2 cup raw cashew pieces

    1 tablespoon FruitSource, maple syrup, agave or

    sweetener of choice (sweeten to taste)

    2 cups water

    1. Combine cashews with 1 cup water and sweetener in blender. Blend on high to form a thick cream.

    2. Slowly add remaining water and blend on high for 2 minutes. Strain through nutmilk bag for a thick creamy milk. Use cashew milk as a cream in recipes instead of drinking straight, as it is very rich.

    Yields approximately 2 cups.


    You can probably get away with using a fine sieve if you don't have a nutmilk bag. I'm sure some desperate person somewhere has tried a sock, but I wouldn't recommend it.

    Maybe play around with less water if it isn't creamy enough. But I've found nut milks to be just as satisfying as dairy. Both nuts and dairy are full of fat and protein which are the main "satisfiers" in creamy things, the only difference is that milk has some sugar in it (lactose). So if you use this in your coffee, you should get the same "cream" effect as dairy. You may just have to "tweak" the nut cream recipe until you get it right. Dang, jam, now I'm hungry! This always happens when I write about food!

    best wishes

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    Many allergies are the result of a poorly functioning digestive system. The problem with dairy in many sinus sufferers isn't an allergy to dairy itself, it is brought about the by the body's reaction to dairy.

    Pasteurization and homogenization alter the protein molecules. Because of this and improper breakdown of these proteins, they activate the immune system as if they were foreign invaders and make you hypersensitive to other things like cats and pollen. It would be more productive health-wise to try giving up dairy than to take a pill to try to force your body to accommodate the offending food, especially for a CFSer. And a two year old can't really make his own decision regarding meds, can he? I think any doctor that would prescribe this stuff for a 2 year old is a nut.

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    This is from:

    Cody Miller, 15, killed himself 17 days after he began taking Singulair for seasonal allergies. His parents are convinced the drug caused Cody's mood changes and suicide.

    Shortly after Cody died last August, Merck & Co. voluntarily added "suicidality" to the list of side effects of Singulair. The term encompasses a range of behaviors from suicidal thoughts to attempted suicide and suicide.

    Singulair is Merck's top-selling drug, earning the company $4.3 billion last year. The FDA launched an investigation into Singulair in March, but the drug is still on the market. Merck has been instructed to go back through its clinical trials to review cases for signs of suicidal behavior.

    The 10-year-old drug was initially approved for treating asthma, but it has been found effective for allergies as well.

    Since going public with Cody's story, Kate Miller said she has received dozens of calls and e-mails from families who have had bad experiences with Singulair. Six or seven had loved ones commit suicide, including several children, she said.


    Our 7 year old son has been old singulair since he was about 3. I can't even describe in words how I feel as a parent knowing now what my son has been going through. He (just like the others) has been very emotional and become very timid and has had a couple of panic attacks. I really began noticing it when his doctor bumped up his dose several months ago. He began talking about death and morbid things quite frequently. His doctor also has diagnosed him with ADHD. Over the past several months I took him to the doctor for extreme leg pain and once to the emergency room for crippling abdominal pain. They couldn't find anything wrong with him. We've taken him OFF of singulair forever and few days ago and him bright and positive personality seems like is beginning to come back. I just hope that he has suffered long-term damage from taking this medicine. At this point, we can only hope and pray that everything will be fine.


    My 2 year old son has only been on Singulair asthma for 4 days(since Friday March 28th), but he will not be taking it anymore. We have noticed a HUGE change in him in those 4 days. He is having mood swings like you wouldn't believe. One minute he's ok, then the smallest thing will trigger a terrible tantrum, then he has his clinging moments like he's seeking security where he just clings to me. This is totally not normal for him. My parents also noticed a changed over the weekend. He is normally the perfect angel for them, yet threw tantrum after tantrum while they had him. I'm so glad that I thought about his actions being a side effect of the meds and found this website. I'm horrified at all of the circumstances I've read about on here and I hope that all these children who have been on it for years have no long term side effects from the meds. I am currently awaiting a call from the dr to find out what medicine they recommend to replace it with.


    For all of you "doubters": This site is not full of a bunch of "gosipers" "trolling for a lawsuit". It took me 6 years with my son on Singulair to realize it was the the medicine causing his behavioral problems. Our family went through years of hell and major psychology expesnes as a result of this medication. Oh it was real, ask any mmber of our family. The lab results we had showing his liver enzyme (ast/got) sky high was real too. That was just before we took him off singulair. The liver enzyme returned to normal by one month off the med when he had his labs repeated. His behavior changed from violent (attacking people) to calm and reasonable also within the months time. Would I like to see a lawsuit-yes !!! This medicine should be recalled. I have no doubt in my mind. Although evertyone reacts differently to all meds., there have been far too many reports that sed up red flags for this med.


    Like I said, it's more productive to go after the real problem rather than trying to cover up symptoms. It's also much less dangerous, especially for children. That's the problem with the way doctors approach most diseases including allergies and asthma. They are looking for a short term cover-up which is not as effective or as safe as correcting the underlying problem. And since most of the immune system is located in the intestines, you can also save your immune system by treating digestive system disorders rather than forcing your body to accommodate the offending substance.

    Singulair works by blocking the body's production of leukotrienes. And it also interferes with liver function. Obviously, we need leukotrienes or the body wouldn't make them and you certainly don't need to mess around with liver function. Figuring out which substances (mostly foods) which are causing problems and why (which particular digestive malfunction is occuring and why) may be a little more inconvenient, but you will be much better off in the long run. I guess I don't really think a doctor that prescribes singulair to a two year old is just a nut, I think he's an ignorant nut.

    I suffered from hay fever and cat allergies for 30 years before I gave up dairy and they quit. I also get the same effect from mangos. It's not the food, it's the body's reaction to particular foods that are giving you a clue that something is not working right with digestion. There are food allergies and then there are allergies brought on by certain foods - not the same thing. But if you keep on consuming the food that is causing the allergies, then you are overworking your immune system. And since we have an immune system problem, that is not a good idea if you want to get well soon.

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    If you are going to use this product, make sure you buy ORGANIC, REFRIGERATED cashews.

    My second caveat is: do you know where cashews are grown? How they are grown?

    I am very wary of food products from Asia; most cashews come from Indonesia, India, Vietnam; also Brazil. Pesticide use in these countries is not well regulated. Wages are low.

    I think hemp-milk is a far better choice; if grown in the U.S. or Canada.

    As for Milk being the Mother of Allergies.........?

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    Thank goodness for the internet. Now we can investigate the meds that are prescribed to us as well as our children. Personally, I don't believe it's wise to give anything to children if there's a chance it will harm their liver. Anything that interferes with the proper function of the liver is just too dangerous.
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    I know you may not believe this, but I really want you to get well. In fact, everybody here. And from what I've researched over the past few years, allergies like hay fever rhinitis and asthma are the results of the status of the digestive system.

    Since you have FM and your daughter has asthma, I think you are prime candidates for a comprehensive stool analysis and expert help with it. Have you read through my comprehensive stool analysis thread about my own results and treatment? At the worst, you may not be helped by it and be out the money for the tests and yes, they are quite expensive. But I don't believe that to be the case. I think it would really help both of you and the best case scenario is getting over FM and your daughter getting over asthma.

    I admit I don't know much about asthma other than my best friend in high school had it and she had to be careful about certain things and I know it has a connection with allergies, but I do know about our diseases and I think they are treatable because everything I preach about I have tried on myself and it works. Maybe a certain thing about digestion runs in our genes and since you and your daughter eat the same things (I'm assuming she lives with you and eats with you most of the time) then your bodies are reacting to the same foods.

    Remember, your digestive system isn't just your intestines or stomach. We're talking pancreas producing all kinds of enzymes, stomach and if it has enough acid in it, intestines with proper balance of gut bacteria and a properly functioning intestinal lining, liver and gallbladder functioning properly by breaking down food and detoxifying impurities, etc. The digestive system encompasses an awful lot of metabolic systems in the body. But what determines its ability to function which isn't too obvious is what is going on in the intestines. Just because stuff is going in and coming out basically okay, and you don't perceive any obvious discomfort or blood or anything that would indicate that there's a problem, doesn't mean there isn't one.

    I wish you would consider it, I don't push funky theories just to hear myself write, it's what's working and I have to tell people about it. Are you absolutely sure your own digestive system is working like it should? Everything I know about the body and our diseases tells me it's not.

    best wishes

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    Well, that's the whole thing. I think it's bad in all of us who are on here sick. And if you don't have the proper tests done, you won't know it. I really thought I had mine under control, too. That's what I mean, you can't just assume it's fine because if it was, we wouldn't be so sick.

    Check out the gut issues on, they explain it better and in more detail than I can. It was after reading their pages on it that I realized its importance. It's not like I'm the first person to preach this, the secret's out but it just hasn't been passed all around yet. If you don't think you have a problem, you certainly won't be able to treat it.

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    Those of you taking this drug, please be aware of the warnings that come with this drug. It can and has caused several people to become depressed and suicidal. Several teens in NY have already died due to taking this drug. Please be aware of the risks....
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    That's the point. Poor nutrient absorption impacts all other metabolic systems which you won't be able to fix until you fix digestion. Do you have any reason to think that your digestive system is working fine and not causing all your other symptoms?

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    I WILL be taking the comprehensive stool analysis test! I know i have problems w my digestion becasue i have had major IBS (diarreah) for many years. I know this is a major factor in my illness. I have recently changed my diet for the better. but unfortunately i feel like i absolutely cannot give up some of the foods i love that are unhealthy. so i am now eating them in moderation.

    when i get results of stool test i'll post them.

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    You will have to give up some foods, there's no way around it. You have to starve out the bad guys. But if you just get the right substitutes, you can still stay satisfied. You'll probably have to give up anything with wheat, sugar or dairy in it, but raw nuts and seeds that have been sprouted, spiced and dehydrated will fill that empty void. You can get crackers made from nuts and veggies which are crunchy, delicious and satisfying. The first 2 weeks was the worst, but then it's do-able, I promise! Besides, a few minutes of mouth and tummy pleasure is not worth staying sick, is it?

    Don't wait for the one day when you will do everything right which always manages to be sometime in the future, do it now.

    good luck

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    The great Linus Pauling stated: "You can trace every disease, every sickness, and every ailment to a mineral deficiency".