Sinus Headache Meds??

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  1. suz41

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    Good morning all:

    Hopefully I will find a solution to this bothersome problem. I have sinus headaches during humid times and when my hormones shift, however I am trying to stay away from pseudophedrine products because I have noticed how much they affect my sleep. I used to use only OTC meds and they worked however, most have pseudo (stimulant) or dextramathorpahane which creates drowsiness(don't need to feel any more tired).
    Has anyone found a sinus med without products such as these that help with the headache but don;t have either the sedating effects or a stimulanting effects that interfere with level IV sleep? I really don't think I need a prescription med at this point. Thanks for any info, it will be greatly appreciated.

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  2. Aeryn

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    Hey there.

    The advil seems to balance out the psuedoepedrine and not make me tired or wakeful or feeling goofy.

    But one shouldn't take advil a lot unless you have to. Heavy on the liver.

    Best, Aeryn
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    Works wonders for me.....also I have taken Vioxx for menstrual cramps and headaches. Vioxx did not help with my Fibro pain but really helped with my cramps and headaches. Hope you get some relief...Love Hippen