sinus/hole after upper tooth extraction

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  1. tandy

    tandy New Member

    Hi guys~
    I could have swore I read on here that someone had a problem after getting a tooth pulled, where it had long roots into the sinus's ????
    and it never healed.(the gums)

    Does anyone know who it was so I can find the old post.

    I tried looking but did'nt find it.
    and I'm having a problem myself that sounds like it could be the same.

  2. leubie

    leubie New Member

    hey check on my profile the same thing happened to me-------i posted about it---------not sure when but its been awhile-----------the hole is still there ---it still is not right---------nothing i could do---------but i never got a bill from the dentist------------after going to him a showing what happened and complaining-------he did try three different things-----------it was just too late
  3. rosemarie

    rosemarie Member

    How long has it been since your tooth was pulled? Was it a diffult extraction?
    IT sounds like this tooth's root was in your sinus , did your dentist put any sitches to hold the hole closed?

    You said that you still have a hole in your gums from the extraction? It would be my best advise to say see your dentist again soon. May be it will need a sitch to close the hole up.

    IF you can't get in to your dentist I would find a ENT {Ear nose and throat doctor.} You need to see some one soon. I would hate for you to get an infection from all this.
    Hope this helps, if your not sure what to do see your dentist asap and get it fixed.
  4. tandy

    tandy New Member

    God I hope I spelled that right!!

    I looked in your profile and did'nt see any post/reply on the subject.
    do you think you can look and bump it back up top??
    or just post back with the date or something??

  5. tandy

    tandy New Member

    Hi,... Thanks for your reply.
    I got it pulled last tuesday afternoon.
    It did'nt seem like a difficult one to get out.??
    and yes,..I did get a couple stitches.
    maybe they fell out or dissolved already. I think my tongue feels one string???
    the area is still tender and
    it just looks 'open'. and I've always had sinus problems with FM. but every once in awhile I'm smelling like a bad breath???? I almost feel like a drainage coming from that hole but I'm not sure.??

    I will call the dentist back monday am.
    I went to a oral surgeon.
    He did say that the roots were very close to the sinus's. (by x-rays) which made me nervous ,but he said he did'nt anticipate any problems.
    On my way out the receptionist did tell me to call if I had any concerns or increased pain.
    I think i'll try them in the morning~
    any thoughts are helpful,
  6. tandy

    tandy New Member

    I found your post.
    It was wayyyyy back.

    I'm gonna call & see what the oral surgeon wants to do in the a,m.

    was your gum in that area still sore for awhile??
    mine is very tender.

  7. monalisa3

    monalisa3 New Member

    I too have had this happen to me. Got an upper impacted tooth surgically removed 6 weeks ago. I've suffered a lot during this time and have had a really rough time of it. I got 4 stitches. I got a sinus infection straight after (even though on antibiotics) and it wasn't healing at all. The gum has started to heal now but I still feel a lot of discomfort. My dentist and doctor both said it's healing ok and aren't very concerned. My doc got me to do a Sinus CT Scan last week which showed the infection has cleared but it was bizarre seeing the hole in my sinus on the scan. I am still in pain and discomfort and wonder how long it will take for actual bone to regenerate. To make matter worse my back molar (same region) needs axracting and roots are in sinus cavity too. It's been giving me a lot of pain lately. Dentist said he's not touching it for at least 6 months ti l I heal completely from current surgery. I'm so afraid to get that one pulled too because of another sinus perforation in the same region.....
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  8. jenbooks13

    jenbooks13 New Member

    If its still open there's a test where air would come out. I forget but I had a very badly done extraction that fractured my socket and I ended up in severe pain with bone fragments dying and coming out of the gum. The original dentist who did it was such a *#$**#$ that she wouldn't even take another xray 10 days later when I complained of terrible pain. I went to a wonderful dentist who cut the gum and opened it up and looked inside, found the dying bone, smoothed it down, told me the fracture had gone all the way up as it wasn't removed correctly (you section the tooth and remove it root by root for molars), but there was no sinus hole. As I said there is a way to test, maybe you just hold your nose and blow, and air would come out the sinus hole if there was a hole. (Don't do this on your own--the dentist and you do it together). I believe if it is small it will close up on its own (a hole) and if it is large you may need surgery, but it CAN be fixed.

    I have long tooth roots and low sinuses so that was why we were worried.
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  9. msbsgblue

    msbsgblue Member

    Oh I had one he-- of a time about 7 years ago. They wound up having to take a spoon like tool and scraping the regrowth back out of where the tooth was trying to heal. Then it got infected twice and I wound up on antibiotics for about 12 weeks. That hole never did heal properly and there is still an indent there to this day.

    Now the same tooth on the other side broke last week and broke up into the tooth root canal. I am dreading having it out.
  10. tandy

    tandy New Member

    I'm kinda relieved because I did call the dentist/oral surgeons office this morning. They wanted me to come right in.
    The dr. said its a very small hole but other than that its healing nicely.
    He just gave me stronger antibiotics.(augmentin) and told me to very gently continue the warm salt water swishes. Told me NOT to blow my nose at all,just wipe the nostrils if needed.
    and to take benydrl
    at night for the nasal congestion or drainage.

    He wants to see me again on thursday.

    if all goes well,... it will just heal slower than yer average extraction site.
    thanks everyone so much for your help~