Sinus infection / conjunctivitis

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by amymb74, Feb 13, 2006.

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    I know this has nothing to do w/cfids or fm but I see quite a few people post about sinus infections. My 7 y/o son has what the doc diagnosed as conjunctivitis but after 5 days drops are not clearing the eye. It actually seems a little worse (bright red w/yellow discharge). He also started w/a fever & really bad pain in his eyes & front of head - worse when he lays on his back. I called doc today - they thought he should be seen but had no appts so they said to bring him to er - they sent him to an eye doc who said it looked like bacterial conjuctivitis & said the eye drops should be working & he can't give him stronger eye drops as the ones he has are a strong antibiotic (cipro). He's been missing school, feeling awful. Anyways, my question is - can a sinus infection cause conjuctivitis symptoms? Thanks for any info. AMY
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    They certainly can be connected.

    A sinus infection can and will spread to the conjunctive via the lacrimal ducts.

    I have had glaucoma surgery and I have pus come up my lacrimal ducts from my sinuses all the time, requiring treatment of the sinuses and the eyes with drops.

    If the stuff in his eye is YELLOW or greenish, then it is bacterial.

    if it is not clearing, then the drops are not effective against the organism causing it or the sinuses will have to be treated in order to clear the eye.
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    I didn't want to seem like an over reactive mom but I knew it didn't seem right. I am going to bring him back to his doc in the a.m.
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    Hi Amy,
    I had the same situation with my son and with me. My son's infection was in his eyes and the doctor prescribed eye drops also.

    Vigamox or something like that. It worked, but not completely until the doctor also put him on oral antibiotics for an ear and sinus infection.

    As for me, I had a serious sinus infection that lasted 5 1/2 months until finally sinus surgery was necessary. During the 5 1/2 months, the infection went into my eye and even with the drops, nothing worked.

    The ENT said the infection was the same infection and that if the sinus infection didn't clear, then the eye infection would not clear either. My sinus infection was in the sinus right behind the eye.

    Does your son have a runny nose? My son's nose didn't seem too runny, but in kids the anatomy is slightly different.

    I would bring up the possibility of a sinus infection with you doctor and go from there.

    Good luck and take care!


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