Sinus Infection Remedies & Colloidal Silver

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    I used to frequent these boards, but haven't visited in quite some time. I feel that I've been mostly healed from my CFIDS - at least the fatigue portion - thanks the the FFC. That's the good news! The bad news is that I still get sinus infections with ridiculous frequency and am almost as miserable as just being fatigued when I have them. I'm wondering how many of you suffer with this same type of problem - just not being able to get well. My doctor has recommended colloidal silver and D-Lenolate (which I've been unable to find locally). I've got two questions for those of you who may suffer this way:

    1. Have you tried colloidal silver for infections? Does it work? What are your opinions about it?

    2. Do you have any other remedies that have worked for you with regards to sinus infections?

    I have tried the nasal rinses and they only seem to add to the problem. For me, using a nasal rinse when I'm still well seems to cause the bacteria to take hold. So some of the "conventional" remedies don't seem to be working for me. And it's getting to the point that antibiotics don't even help. I'd really like some ideas to get better. :) I've started taking the silver, but I tend to read too much and some of the stuff online scares me - but it seems to be that way with any unconventional treatment so I don't want to avoid something that works. I'd just like your ideas/opinions on getting better.
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    Your Doctor is very correct in suggesting Colloidal Silver for Sinus Infections...

    I use it everyday....

    Suffered for years....until I started with the silver water nasal spray....

    Do a google search for silver generators......Thats what I use....

    Also most health food stores sell silver drops but they are spendy......

    Everyone in my neighbor hood drinks silver water and we are not blue and will not turn blue.....

    Its a fantastic product.....

    Just google for more info....
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  3. rocky76

    rocky76 Member

    Brings up the Blue Man on Oprah....

    Please be open-minded in your research, and perhaps even a bit cautious. Some writers make references to Colloidal Silver and state facts which actually relate to Silver Salts or Silver Compounds. The result is confusion and even fear about Colloidal Silver. One specific example is the condition known as Argyria, which you may have read about already, and will be disussed in the following article.
    Colloidal Silver Causes Argyria?
    Argyria (Argyriosis) is a condition caused by large amounts of Silver Compounds being deposited into the skin. It is also caused by ingesting particles of Silver which are too large to pass through the body. If Argyria occurs, the skin may appear a bluish gray, mostly visible on the face and hands. Many claims are made that Colloidal Silver causes this, and be assured there are no documented cases of Argyria caused by true Colloidal Silver in its pure form, (meaning: tiny, microscopic particles of silver suspended in distilled water- and nothing else) It should also be said here that there are only a few documented cases of this occurring. Argyria caused by true Colloidal Silver is extremely uncommon.
    Many articles and warnings are written on this topic, and if the proper research is done, you may find that either the source has been misinformed and misled, or the source is deliberately trying to cause confusion about Colloidal Silver and mislead the reader. It is easy to become confused in this area, because many words and phrases are used as if they are interchangeable, and they are not. There is a distinct difference between Colloidal Silver and Silver Proteins or Silver Compounds. It is wise to use your mind and your judgement to decipher what the source is trying to accomplish.
    One interesting case is Stan Jones, a politician from Montana. He produced his own Colloidal Silver using a silver generator. He used tap water, (a definite NO-No...) and following the manufacturers' instructions, he added salt to produce the Colloidal Silver. Subsequently he fell victim to slight Argyria, after consuming large quantities of Colloidal Silver per day, and over a long period of time. His story made big news, but the story told to the world was incomplete and at the same time over-exaggerated by the use of enhanced photos. He himself, has set the record straight in many subsequent interviews and beyond all of the publicity, he remains a strong supporter of Colloidal Silver.
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  4. bayzee

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    for years just reading post

    But I have to tell you I would NOT leave

    home without my silver water

    and no blue tint to skin lol
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    Welcome to all new and returning members who have not been here in a while.

    My daughter used to get frequent sinus infections as well as migraines. The migraines are now pretty much under control but she still gets the sinus infections. They can be pretty nasty as it often takes more than one course of antibiotics.

    Have you seen an ear nose and throat specialist? There could be an underlying cause such as structural, allergies, fungal etc. I do know someone who had a deviated septum plus other structural problems and when these were fixed he rarely gets the sinus infections. You should also have a complete blood panel done. There are surgical procedures but I believe this option is very very rare.

    I know several people who use the Netti pots however you have to be careful about pushing the bacteria back further making it more difficult to clear up the infection.

    Are there any times during the day, month, year, that the infections increase in frequency?

    Colloidal silver is what was used before antibiotics were invented and since they are accessible it can be pretty tricky to know how much to take, when to take it, and may be alleviating the symptoms while something else is going on.

    Let us know how you are doing.


    ETA If you choose to go with the collidal silver, you might try the alternative board as more people over there have experience with CS.

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  6. rocky76

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    I also use it for ear drops...

    And I use it in a nasal spray bottle....

    I spray my nose a few times a day....

    Also it works great on cuts and burns....

  7. dvdav2000

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    My Dr. Rx'ed a compound pharmacy do a Nystatin nasal spray... needs refrig. I feel it has helped. I am a constant sinus infect. sufferer also... Dr. ran Igg levels.. common for low Igg 2, and 4 people to get "quick " onset infections... constant sinus infects. common... See an immunoligist/ Allergy Dr.

  8. adpace

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    I appreciate the input! I used the silver once and it seemed to help. Now I've been reading online and it seems there is a difference in ionic silver and true colloidal silver. Apparently I have ionic silver, so maybe I should look into getting the true colloidal stuff. It seems this time I may actually have something different - started off with sinus symptoms, but now I'm running fever with muscle aches. Ugh!

    @gapsych - yep I saw an ENT about a year and a half ago and got a CT scan done. They said I have "mild structural abnormalities", but nothing that should be causing "my particular issues". I'm considering getting a second opinion as I'm starting to get headaches that will take me out for days if not treated with migraine meds and I'm getting the infections more frequently (monthly at times). To answer your other question, I do tend to get sick more often right before my monthly cycle starts. Not sure what the connection is there, but it's almost 100% predictable these days.

    In any case, I really appreciate all the input. Jamin - I remember reading when I visited in the past about how much grapeseed extract has helped you. I may give it try, too. If I could kick the sickness, I would feel like a 100% normal person - how the world has changed for me, and much more it would change to not be sick so often!

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    They told my daughter that her migraines were hormonal and she would probably have them until she reaches menopause.

    My exes mother stopped having migraines when she hit menopause.His two sisters have migraines and he used to get cluster headaches.

    Don't know if this is true for you but thought I would mention this. If I mentioned this in another post, just skip this, LOL!!!

    Again good luck. I think you are right about a second opinion.


    ETA I put "when he hit menopause" That's a new one on me, LOL!![This Message was Edited on 11/15/2009]

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