Sinus problems with Fibro?

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  1. ironspine

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    I notice that people with sinus problems have CFS on this board. I have Fibro, but not CFS. I always have sinus congestion to the point my teeth always hurt. Does anyone else with Fibro have this, and what do you all do about it?
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    I have had sinus problems since I was in my teens. Im 33 now and the way i explain it is I live with a constant sinus infection, every so often it flares up really bad and I need meds to over come it. I had sinus surgery when I was 21 and that did help. I also have FM newly diagnosed but probably had it for a couple years before diagnosis.

    I purchased XYLIRINSE OR XYLICLEANSE from prohealth and love it, it is a saline based sinus cleanser. check it out on the store tab above and look at the sinus meds part.


  3. victoria

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    I've had very bad headaches for past 8 years or so.... for past several years they were pretty much 24/7, at least 1X/week they were a '12' on a scale of 1-10, seriously.

    Also all my upper teeth would hurt, but particularly 2 on the right side. No CT scans revealed any infection or obstructions, even an ENT surgeon didn't recommend surgery... altho the dental x-rays were always a little suspect as the roots of my upper teeth extend a tiny bit into the sinus, and never looked exactly right (ie, not infected).

    I got to the point of insisting on 2 root canals 15 months ago when I realized that I could no longer chew at all on that side of my mouth... they were unsure because the xrays were not clear, 1 way or another. & Yes, I know about cavitations etc, but my merc free dentist even thought it was a good idea, given my ongoing problems... (he feels that whether or not to do root canals is still a gray area).

    Well I had them done a month apart... that area remained painful and hard to chew on that side, so I don't think it made a difference. Altho I certainly understand why many people have had teeth pulled (before root canals were available) due to sinus headaches...

    Sinus headaches are VERY common with CFIDS... some docs feel that in many it may be the primary cause of their CF, since pain obviously fatigues the body and can be pretty subtle. That, and my guess is there's some other pathogen involved.

    I've also seen my exact symptoms described as due to Lyme and/or other tick born infections and/or other stealth pathogens.

    All I can tell you, bottom line, is that this is REALLY common AND hard to treat. I've tried everything, truly, but nothing has really helped symptomatically, even taking antihistamines (doesn't matter which one, I've tried them all) doesn't promise relief. I've even tried migraine med (which made it worse).

    The Mayo clinic ran research in '99 that showed there was nasal fungus and somebody is still running tests on amphotericin nasal spray, haven't checked to see if it's actually on the market yet.... maybe of some help if it ever gets on the market, as definitely GSE nasal spray, xylitol, candida diet, etc., ad infinitum has not ever helped my headaches. And I always go for the supplements/diet approach first.

    But try as many remedies as you can... you never know what might help. I did get about 3 months relief for some reason about 5 years ago when I made my own MSM nasal spray as it relieves inflammation. For some reason it stopped working for me tho.

    A while after the root canals, tho, I completed 2nd phase of the marshall protocol/mp, which works on stealth pathogens, and that has correlated to the lightening up of the headaches.

    I'm just glad I've gotten some relief over the last year as it was truly becoming unbearable. My sinus headaches can still be bad but the frequency of that intensity is now maybe 1X/month. I do think that my improvement is due to continuing the MP and killing 'something' off.

    Anyway, don't give up, give the diet/supplements/neti pots/saline sprays etc a good try first... hopefully you'll find something that at least relieves the pain...

    all the best,

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    It's the immune system's reaction to food such as wheat, dairy and certain grains that is doing it. You just have to give them up. These foods are overworking the immune system, causing damage to tissues, and congesting the liver.

    The immune system is centered in the guts and it's all tied in with the digestive problems we have and gut dysbiosis. These same foods are also causing inflammation which is causing pain. A good guide of what you have to do to get over these diseases is at

    best wishes

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  5. KerryK

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    I believe the amphotericin (sp?) solution the Mayo clinic and a private pharmaceutical were testing proved to have efficacy in only the most severe cases, and no profound improvements.
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  6. Bxteacher

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    I have found that using a "Neti Pot" has helped as I have had sinus problems for many yeras & have fibro as well. It can be purchased at pharmacy chains and has been shown on Oprah by Dr. Oz.

    It might be helpful.

    Good luck.


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