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Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by tandy, Aug 13, 2005.

  1. tandy

    tandy New Member

    Hi guys~ ladies~

    Just another part of MY symptoms list with Fibro has been sinus problems.
    Sometimes an infection is present,...most of the times just a stuffy, sinus pain type headache. But it goes away on its own ,only to return later.
    Its back,..but really bothersome yesterday and today.
    With the achy head,sore cheeks and eyeball sockets,hurts more to bend over,etc,..
    Question: do any of you get dizzy with your sinus pain?
    or lightheaded?
    I'm dizzy today,off and on. Just wondering if I really need an antibiotic this time around? is dizziness common? or not.
    Thanks for any help
    Tandy :)
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  2. taniar

    taniar New Member

    I am dizzy quite a lot lately. Sinus is continual problem with me too. I can't always tell when I need an antibiotic, or one all the time.

    Your symptoms would send me for antibiotics tho.

    I've been spraying saline spray everyday and that seems to help some.

    HOpe you feel better Tandy.

  3. karatelady52

    karatelady52 New Member

    In the past, up until a few months ago, I constantly had a sinus infection (I could actually smell it-gross). I bought a nasal irrigator and haven't had any trouble.

    You can put drops of products that help in the water along with the salt and baking soda. I put a few drops of tea tree oil, or liquid grapefruit seed.

    I bought the irrigator online. It's by Grossen. Its actually the only one I've found.

    Hope this helps,


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  4. fibrofirend44

    fibrofirend44 New Member

    Hello there....I have been battling this painful sinus for came with fibro too. very miserable and painful indeed...I really think you should go talk to your doctor. I always go if my teeth, my eyes, and head hurts...many times it has indicated i have and infection...Right now the doctor got me taking claritin...I used to take claritin D, but it raises my blood pressure. I just finished taking antibiotic for infection, and he gave me FLONASE drink lots of liquid and I do use a heat pad that I bought at Walmart, shaped/to be used for the sinus cavity/facial area.( can't be too clear on description, sorry) goes on the microwave for some minutes...and it is soooooooo wonderful.....also you can check at a medical supply store. I love this thing. I makes my day when sinus strikes. At night I sometimes use a waterless vaporizer (a little one I found at Walmart)...It helps me breathe and sleep better. you can buy the refills there too. I also sometimes just use plain old VICKS-rub...whatever works at the time..I have had sinus infections for the past three months...on and off...must be the change of weather. but I live in Florida...hmmmm.....hope something helps you too....take care.
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  5. tandy

    tandy New Member

    this one time.
    looking for more sinus info!
    can you get dizzy from sinus infections?

    Thanks :)
  6. jbennett2

    jbennett2 New Member

    I believe you can get dizzy from the sinus problems. The ear canal, throat and sinuses are all connected, so it only stands to reason that if your sinuses are inflamed, your ear canals can also be messed up which would cause dizziness.

    I also suffer from sinus pain often. I have been put on antibiotics many times and the pain doesn't go away. They have done x-rays or CAT scans of my sinuses and they never show any infection, so they stop the antibiotics. I think its all FM related.
  7. gongee

    gongee New Member

    I too suffered from chronic sinus problems. There would be days and days I would be in so much pain (head, cheeks, teeth, etc) along with the constant pressure and nasal congestion.Nothing would relieve it. I would be given an antibotic, which would give me relief until that wore out of my system. The doctor kept telling me it went along with the fibro. I stayed like this for 2 years, then decided to seek out an allergist on my own. Best thing I ever did. He did say that so many patients with fibro have this problem.I was allergy tested and found I was alergic to more things than I care to count, even foods that I had eaten all my life with no problem. I was immediately taken off the foods that I tested positive for and placed on a steroid and antihistimine spray, that has worked wonders. I still have a few flare ups, but all in all it is better. I was told that if this treatment didn't work, I would be put on allergy sots. So far so good. Good luck to you. I know how miserable it can be.
  8. elsa

    elsa New Member

    Hi Tandy,

    To answer your question....quite alot if I don't take my medication. I have allergies now that never bothered me before. To control all the symptoms you described, plus pressure and fluid in ears, I take singular, flonase and en-tab ...which is guai 1200mg dextramathrophan SP 60mg.

    With these drugs my chemical allergies and head aches are under contol and the inner ear stays dry better, Keeping the ringing, pressure and horrible balance problems in line.

    I've tested my need for these meds. twice by stopping them.... when, in days, my sinuses were full, painful, ears felt like I just got off a plane and I had a headache to beat all.... Knew then I'd be on them for the duration. Simply wasn't worth not taking them.

    Hope this is helpful to you.


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  9. tandy

    tandy New Member

    I'm relieved to know that you can get dizzy from being all congested.
    I once tried the flonase and that stuff worked excellent for me!! I'll ask my doc. for that next time I see him.

    alot of great suggestions, from the salt water to the heat,to being tested for allergys~ I'm about to try a few right now.
    Its better today but not gone.
    I'm kinda afraid to know what I may be allergic too?
    I might not have much left to eat!
    Lord don't take away my food!
    Hugs to you all~

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