Sinus Surgery?

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by Methos, Nov 5, 2006.

  1. Methos

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    I've learned I have a chronic sinus infection and my ENT doctor wants to operate. I've taken all kinds of antibiotics over the past couple of years, but nothing seems to touch it. I'm concerned that having CFS and Fibro will add variables to any surgery that most doctors don't take into account. My doctor knows about my CFS and Fibro, but shrugs it off like it doesn't matter.

    I'm not sure whether to go through with the operation or not. Any ideas? Thanks in advance.
  2. waxdiva

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    You will feel so much better after surgery. As you have chronic sinusitis, it will feel like a ton of pressure has been lifted off of your face.

    Like my ENT told me..."no wonder you haven't been feeling well, you've been walking around with an infection and a low grade fever for 20 years."

    It did not affect the FM, but I no longer have migraines that last for four days!

    I would strongly recommend that you go through with it. Good luck!
  3. angiecw71

    angiecw71 New Member

    I had sinus surgery back in April of this year. It was awful. My surgery took over 4 hours. It was a major surgery. All my sinuses were inflamed so much until they were completely shut. I developed a serious infection from tne surgery it is now 7 months later and I have still yet to recover. I had to have a picc line/central line put in for 4weeks to put antibiotics in intraveneously daily at home.. IT was awful.But it all depends on the person. I was not responding to antibiotics and I am still having trouble.

    So good luck, and I pray that it goes much better for you..

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  4. Kathleen12

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    I had all my sinuses "roto-rootered" out about 12 years ago. I had polyps in all of my sinuses and a deviated septum.

    The surgery went ok as far as surgeries go, but I did not listen to the doctor's instructions for very limited activities. I went ahead and did some light house-work after the second week and the bleeding really began. I kept bleeding so much that I went into siezures and unconsious. Just make sure you strictly follow the doctor's directions!
  5. Juloo

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    My surgery lasted about 2 1/2 hours and was bilateral for the maxillaries, ethnoids and sphenoid. I pretty much stayed in bed for 3 or 4 days (over a long weekend), and stayed home from work for the next week.

    It has been very nice not having continual sinus infections. Now if I get a cold, the stuff drains, instead of concrete-afying (word?!) in my sinuses and making me feel like I'm being suffocated.

    I was already a veteran at nasal irrigation, so I did it during recovery as per my ENT's instructions, and I healed up very well. The only surprise was that the ENT had to mess with my septum because it was more difficult to get into the maxillaries than he originally thought it would take.

    One thing the ENT said was that it was very important to get tested for allergies and have a sleep study first (concerned about apnea). The allergies, because the surgery exposes all new tissue, and he didn't want to exacerbate the situation.

    Although I had surgery about 5 years ago, I had the CFS back then as well. I think my recovery went pretty well, and I'm glad I had it. (Just my personal experience!)

    P.S. My son (10), two days ago, had his second sinus surgery in a month. He had so many infections, and we found out that the opening where his nasal passage met the back of his throat was very small -- possibly both congenital and also from scarring from his tonsillectomy in 2000. The first thing he said when he came out of anesthesia on Friday was, "I can breathe out of my nose with my mouth closed!"

    I guess he inherited my sinuses!

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