SINUS Type Pain Killing Me, CT scan OK though!

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by anneW, Feb 20, 2006.

  1. anneW

    anneW New Member

    could this be a FM or CFS problem?
    I also have had an elevated SED rate for about a year in the 70's.
    My sinus areas feel like they are filled with crushed glass! Every time I breath it feels like a brain freeze or like breathing pool water! I just had a complete allergy panel done and it came back negative for everything- how can this be- with all these symptoms! I am so frustrated and so tired of always feeling sick and soooooooo fatigued.
    The Dr. jokes tht i just like to collect weird symptoms- I certianly to have a lot. I just need some relief from this face pain before i go even crazier! Any ideas?
  2. marw

    marw New Member

    I had face pain that I thought was sinus pain, but it turned out to be TMJ. THe muscles in your face are connected everywhere, almost literally. I had sinus pain and congestions, sore glands in my throat, a severe ear ache, and my teeth hurt. I could have sworn it was sinus. But is was indeed the TMJ.

    This may not be your problem. But to check it out, do not go to a dentist. An oral surgeon or face surgeon can identify it more readily. You just get a special X-ray (done from the outside of your face, kind of in a round-type thing) and you will know if this is the problem. If it is TMJ there are many ways to treat it. I chose Physical THerapy, and mine has never returned, but there are other treatments preferred by others.

    Otherwise, I guess you would just stay after your ENT doc. You might have a viral infection. They are harder to get rid of.

    When I do have a legitimate sinus infection (not the TMJ), it can be hard to get rid of and can become recurring. They don't always show on an MRI. My ENT gives me antibiotics for 20 days, and this does the trick. I have just gotten one this winter, but have not had one for 5 years until now.

    I sympathize!! I am so sorry for you, because I know it hurts so much. That pain is certainly real. It can also cause fatigue.

    I hope you find some relief soon.

    And it does seem to me like this is more common with Fibro, I know that TMJ is....most likely the Sinus thing is, too.

    Hope you are better soon.

  3. Bruin63

    Bruin63 Member

    I have a condition called Mastoiditis, and for years the Dr.s thought it was just the Sinus Infections that you can get so easily with FMS/CFS.
    I also have Chronic Myofasical Pain Disorder, and the Trigger points aggrovate, the Mastoiditis.

    It took 4 years and a MRI of the Head to find this out.
    A CT didn't show it, the MRI did.

    Now I have to take careful to not get any kind of Head colds, as it could settle in the ear, and cause me more problems.

    btw, the Dr.s won't operate because of the FMS/CMPD and the fact that I don't heal right either.
    My Body, has a lot of Scar Tissue, which can turn into Trigger Points.
    It's a never ending Merry-Go-Round, with no Brass Ring in sight.

    I hope you can find some answer's.
    Are you seeing an ENT Dr.? That's the one who treats me for the Mastoiditis Infections.

    Your Dr, is so right, we do seem to collect a lot of Weird Symptoms, some have cause's they can see, and others there aren't any.

  4. mikewaz

    mikewaz New Member

    I can really relate to the frustration of the sinus pain. I was convinced the ENT would find something but all xrays and allergy tests came back normal. Once I found out that I had candida though and began treating it my sinus pain got better. I also would get incredible sinus pain and ear pain when exposed to enviromental toxins. Gas heat, oil heat, car exhaust, burning firewood, paint, nail polish,etc etc.

    I actually was considering having the doctor operate on my right ear since it was always painful but I am glad I didnt go that far, since he couldnt find anything. Keep lookin for answers and hopefully you will find a connection, stay strong you are worth it!
  5. TaniaF

    TaniaF Member

    and I do believe I have TMJ (although the oral surgeon called it myofascial pain disorder). He said to wear a soft splint which was made by my dentist. The splint is falling apart and I haven't been wearing it the last week, and I wake up with headaches and sore face. My nose and face feels like I have a brick on it. And the doctor did a tympanogram and found fluid in my ears which is making me feel dizzy.

    Any ideas how do you really know if you have a sinus infection or just pain from MPS? And is there anything natural to use for sinus pain? I can't use decongestants because it makes my heart speed up. The steroid nose sprays don't do anything but irritate my nose. The Benadryl is not drying up the fluid.

    A natural doctor I once saw said to use Xclear nasal spray (with saline, xylitol, and grapefruit seed extract) and my friends say Zican Allegy spray is good. Any users of natural sinus help---PLEASE POST!

  6. Cromwell

    Cromwell New Member

    of 70 would surely be indicating Rheumatoid Arthritis? Have you been properly checked for this?

    I did not check your bio, but are you awre that RA can invade organs as well as connective tissue and bones? This could be causing the facial pain too.

    Ask your doctor please.

    Love Anne C
  7. Cromwell

    Cromwell New Member

    I used to live in Yachats!!! I love Newport, the beaches are so great, pity the water too cold to swim in.

    You have a fabulous vet there, Dean Bauman, who is also the "Cowboy Poet", his family are wonderful too.

    Also, KD Edminston was a Naturopathic Doctor there, she is great, does everything. Is she still there?

    In general, I found a lot of the doctors there dreadfully uniformed, and slack on testing. Hospital there I had a bad experience with. There are some good ones in Corvallis, Terence Hill, gastro was wonderful.

    The weather there causes a great deal of sinus pain even if it does not show. A doctor in Seattle told me it is the baine of the NW coast.

    Love Anne C

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