Sinuses worse treating candida?

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    I've had constant sinusitis since i came down with CFS. I've been on diflucan for two weeks and my sinusitis has been horrendous. Is this normal? Will it go away?

  2. beth0818

    beth0818 New Member

    i come down with sinusitis a few times a year amd i have found that i have to use some old fashioned remedies as well as antibiotics to get rid of it. i snort warm salt water and a family secret i use is hanging upside down drains the sinuses. maybe we are just nuts but it seems to help. my doctor also told my that caffiene constricts the vessels in our sinuses keeping them swollen and paiful so i try to avoid it when i am sick with sinusitis. it is a miserable thing to have and i hope you get better soon!!!


    LISALOO New Member

  4. tandy

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    I'm not sure on that question but I beleive it can bring about increased sinus troubles. Probably initially,..then it should lessen. ???
    I have the same problem alot and its been suggested to me that I possibly have a candida problem which is why my sinus's are so horrible. and reaccur all the time.

    even after antibiotics,..I'm sometimes only feeling a lil better for a week. then all the sinus pain and facial pain is back again!!
    I certainly relate to what your feeling~
    I think so far whats helped me most is the warm salt water in my nostrils.
    sometimes I add baking soda to .(just a pinch)
    Hope your feeling better soon~
    and I hope someone comes along to answer,..that knows for sure.
    But,..I think so. Candida die off can effect many functions.
  5. karatelady52

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    When I started Diflucan mine was worse. In the morning my eyes were even milky. Its just herxing (die-off) and should get better but it could take awhile.

    It helps to stick to a low carb diet so you are starving the yeasties and not feeding them.


    LISALOO New Member

    How long did it take til your sinuses started getting better?

    It's been two weeks and I'm worse! Don't want to go to the allergist if he's going to automatically think I have an infection. Antibiotics got me into this is the first place!
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  7. karatelady52

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    What helped me the most was a nasal irrigator which I bought online. It's $80 but worth every penny. The brand is Grossen. You can put a drop or two of tea tree oil in it along with the usual salt and baking soda. If I was getting an infection I would use a few drops of grapefruit seed extract (very strong stuff.)

    I had to stop the Diflucan because my liver count was high. I just ordered some oil of oregano drops that are supposed to help with candida a lot. Also, probiotics are a must. The brand I like is Primal Defense by Garden of Life.

    Hope you are doing better,


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