sinusitis as possible cause of csf

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  1. Danielle

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    Did anyone see the webmd information on sinusitis causing cfs? I know I have had terrible sinus problems since I was in my 20's. I can't breath from my nose most of the time usually on one side. I know it's a long shot considering all the symptoms we have. It may be worth looking into. I used to take hismanol for years which would clear my head. They took it off the market do to heart conditions but it was the only thing that worked. I developed Fibro after I quit taking allergy meds because they would cause me sinus infections. They are doing sinus surgeries to help breathing and it's helping with the pain and fatigue.

  2. MJJBunny

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    I've had CFS for 15 years and never had a sinus problem before the DD. For me that's not the answer.
  3. Danielle

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    Thanks for replying back. It's probably just the medical professions way of blaming it on something they can understand. It may be part of the problem for some, but they can't group all into one category. They are saying that it disrupts sleep because you can't breath properly. The study said that most of the people they studied had chronic sinus problems but not all. I was just curious. I started out with the fibro and then terrible fatigue came later.

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    Had FM for years before I ever had a sinus problem. Had sleep problems from a child, but never had a cold untill my thirties.

    I cannot buy that one!

    Shalom, Shirl

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    My best friend (who has become my best friend since we both suffer from CFS/FM and have helped each other over the years) and I have tried to find similarities in our experiences before becoming sick. The only thing we had in common that we can figure out is chronic sinus infections. Maybe it wasn't the sinus infections themselves which weakened our immune systems but prescription after prescription of antibiotics. Perhaps they caused an overgrowth of candida which weakened the immune system even more.

    I wonder if those who didn't have sinus infections were prescribed antibiotics frequently for other infections.

    Just a thought. Pepper
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    There are so many with here with sinus problems, I can't help but feel there is some link. Meowoink's post has an article about it.
  7. Mikie

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    Between CFIDS/FMS and a bunch of other problems. Sinusitis is just one of them. At this point, no one knows for sure what causes these illnesses. The probable cause is defective genes which allow triggers like sinus infections to trigger the illnesses themselves.

    Love, Mikie
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    I'm glad that article came out. Perhaps more doctors will take chronic infections seriously in people with immune impairment.

    I've had sinus infx for the past year. Sometimes they are hard to detect. The first few developed into bronchitis before we even knew the infx started in the sinus cavities.

    It's especially wearisome for people with asthma. Doctors just think that you can't breathe "because your asthma is acting up".
  9. lucky

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    The sinusitis mostly comes with the CFS/FMS, not the other way around due to our dysfunct immune system.
    Sincerely, Lucky
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    on chronic sinusitis. The Mayo clinic have discovered fungal infections in 90% of cases they have investigated. A lot of us have problems with these so it does make some seense. Might explain why OLE and oregano oil have helped people with chronic sinusitis when they've been taking them, both these herbs have antifungal properties.


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    For me the first problem I ever had was chronic sinus trouble. I became allergic to perfumes and cleaners shortly after having several mercury fillings put in. That was at age 16. IBS was my next problem at age 22. I felt fatigued at times for years and then the pain came at age 36. I always felt kind of sickly. My ex-husband always used to say " You never feel good, What's wrong with you?"
    I feel that living in a moldy house contributed to my fibro along with antibiotic use just to name a couple things. Also I feel that yeast took over my system. Anyway I am feeling better than I did 5 years ago. But I'm far from well.