sinusitis, blocked sinuses? try humming

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  1. tansy

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    Specialists in Sweden discovered quite by accident that humming for as little as 5 seconds resulted in a 15 fold increase in airflow through the sinus to the nasal passage way.

    Researchers agree that more study is needed before doctors recommend humming for sinusitis but it is thought a daily humming exercise could be a helpful preventative.

    Anyone who has practiced certain types of yoga and meditation will be familiar with the "ommmmm", seems to me there's a similar physiological effect.

    At least trying this will cost nothing and requires so very little effort.



    Reference: Weitzberg and Lundberg, Karolinska Institute in Stockhom.
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  2. Shirl

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    You know, thats probably right. Humming causes vibrations, and that should help.

    I will try this in the morning, thats when the stuffiness is the worst for me.


    Shalom, Shirl
  3. kezza_nottm

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    I have actually tried this and found it slightly effective, i suffer from severe sinus and congestion problems that trigger panic attacks due to a blocked up throat so any kind of treatment for this would be useful to me.
  4. tansy

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    This is just so easy and costs nothing.

    Worth a try, may not be a cure but it does seem to give some relief.

    Cheers, Tansy