SIOUX FALLS, SD; can anyone recommend neurologist

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by peking, Aug 7, 2005.

  1. peking

    peking New Member

    Urgent care recommended that I see a neurologist and I need to see one quickly, but have no idea who to see.

    Can anyone from this area recommend a good neurologist?

    Warm Hugs,
  2. chui

    chui New Member

    Hi Peking, I see a neuro for my MS. I am not too happy on how he supports me.So I am going to change my care to Dr. Viola. My sister-in-law works in the Intensive care unit in Sioux Valley Hospital and she recommended This Dr. to me. I wish you luck, finding a compassionate & understanding Dr is difficult.
    Take Care, Sherry
  3. peking

    peking New Member

    Thanks so much for the info! I didn't know if I would get an answer or not. I really appreciate it; a good doctor is so hard to find.

    Love, Peking
  4. ronter7

    ronter7 New Member

    hi! i don't have any input for ya, jsut wanted to say hi to another south dakotan. i also live near sioux falls. i work at a pharmacy and hear about good doctors, just can't remember right now-- will try to check on that for ya!

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