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    Hi Sisland all: Sisland glad you found your missing posters. It is nice to know you are missed and liked so much,they must have really touched your life. Have still been having medical problems,went to see my family dr. He feels it is from not taking my thyroid medicine and from stress and some inflmation in my chest. He put me on a med-dose pack for a week and if I don't feel better to come back. I'am counting the days until my thyroid test is done,he said they will know my thyroid inside and out. I have a couple of recipes I will get to you later in the day.There are a couple of candy and cookie recipes plus some very simple breafast and potato casserole. Thanks for being here enjoy just reading your posts and everyone else's,I don't answer to many since I'am still new. Take care all and check back later. Biddy
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    So glad to hear from you also! The thyroid problem seems to presist for you,,,sorry to hear that!,,,maybe the Med dose pack will help solve the problem!,,,,,,Is it a blood test that they have to do for you?

    Havn't been doing alot latley due to a Flare! this time of year is very difficult pain wise when the Temps drop!,,,,,,,,,,,,

    But yes i'm looking forward to the holidays and making some of your Kool and easy recipies for my family!,,,,,,,,,I have a little stack of them that i have labled Biddy's Recipies!,,,,,,,,,,So kind of you to share them with all of us!,,,,,,,How are your church activities going?,,,,,,,,,Sis
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    Thank you both for the kind words and concern. I have been off of my synthyroid for almost a month now,go on the 29th for a nuclear scan of the thyroid to see if the nodule they found is at fault or if it is cancerous either way I just want this over with and get back to feeling a little better before the holidays. Just tired and weepy feelings plus extra depression isn't helping. Oh well it will soon be over and life will go on again. Church activities are going ok,little slower now and I'am glad since I don't know for sure I could keep up with them but still looking forward to the holiday time. Here are a couple of simple recipes:

    Breakfast Casserole:
    1lb sausage(scrambled-in other words cooked)

    2 cans crescent rolls
    8oz cream cheese(softened)
    2 cups Mexican blend cheese

    Place 1 can of rolls in 9x13 pan. Top with the sausage,cream cheese and shredded cheese,then place other can of rolls on top. Dot with butter and bake at 350 until golden brown.

    Sorry the other one is long will do it later. Please hope anyone will look at these recipes,I enjoy sharing and have gotten a lot of good ones. Like easy things. Hubby really is the cook in our family I just pretend.Anytime you don't understand my recipes or can't read them please let me know and I'll fix them,still learning about computers. Take care and hope both of you are doing better. Biddy