sisland peaches recipe

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    sisland: thought you might like this simple recipe called snowball peaches:

    2 pks.(3oz each) softened cream cheese
    2 teaspoons apricot or peach perserves
    1 cup pineapple tidbits---drained
    3 cans(15oz each) peach halves--drained
    leaf lettuce
    in a small bowl beat cream cheese and preserves until well blended. stir in pineapple. fill peach halves with cream cheese mixture. put on leaf lettuce. will serve 15

    hope you like this one,i have a really simple fudge recipe,you do it in the microwave. i will get it out and send it if you would like to try it also one for a dip for crackers.just let me know,check tomorrow. have a good evening. biddy
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    Thanks for the recipie Dear! sounds really Good!,,,,,,My Mom used to make a Peach cut in half and filled with cottage cheese on a lettuce leaf!,,,,,,,,,

    Oh the Memories!,,,,,,,I love peaches and apricots so will definatley make this one!,,,,,,,I have some really good fudge recipies,,,one that you make in the microwave,,,,,,,,I have a micro,,,Peanutbrittle recipie if you want it!,,,,,,,,,,,But yes the dip for crackers sounds good too!,,,,,,,,,,,,,Thanks alot!,,,,,,,,sis