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    Thanks for the thoughts.

    I do have Sam, a 2 yr old Shih Tsu. I don't want another puppy, I don't have the will to house train them. Or the strength to know that one day, I will have to go through this pain again.

    No, I'm still around but just don't feel like I can keep up with all the posts now days.

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    Yes We need you here!,,,,Glad you have Sam! thats enough!,,,I guess i didn't realize that sam was another Shih Tsu! OH! such a cute photo in your profile!,,,,,,We hope you feel better soon! Are you still working ?
    ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,I Truley will say a Prayer for you!,,,,,,Hugs!,,,,,From sis,,& Lucky!
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    I had the picture taken that is in my profile, when I lived in Toronto. The photographer came to my apartment and set up huge lights and had several camera in an extremely small place.

    I was sweating my arse off, trying to get the boys to pose and be still at the same time. If one sat, the other wanted a treat I had in my hand. It took 90 min (I think) to get the session done.

    But I had some great pictures!

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    I like how you said you were sweating your Arse off!,,,lolol,,,,they are soooooo adorable in the photo!,,your boys!,,,,,,,,i should take lucky boy in for a Photo,,,,,,Your hard work paid off!,,,,,,,Sis
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    I had them done in 1995. I have 5 8X10 framed pics from the setting.

    I don't have them up anymore, it's hard to see them every day, but I still have them around in smaller print.