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    I deleted the other post, sorry. Some of the information, accidently got alittle to personal.

    Lets not mention that location again, :eek:) However, that is really interesting, it is a small world sometimes isn't it.

    If this was more private, it would be fun to ask you some more questions, and find out if i knew of that person.

    When i was in confirmation class, our small chuch group of teenagers took a backpacking trip in montana, it was a blast!
    One of the funnest thing i remember doing. We heckled our poor pastor that entire trip, he also married me and my husband, and got back at me by telling some silly stuff to everyone at our cerimony!! LOL
    My brother was actually born in MT.

    Eye therapy is progressing, we have been stuck on one lesson for four weeks, it's really hard for him. But the others have been easier lately. We work on about three per week, and don't progress until he has mastered it.

    The drive home really wiped me out, been laying low today.
    Or trying to!!!!! LOL!

    I went out this morning in my PJ to throw the horses some hay, and locked myself out of the house!!!!
    My friends husband came over and helped me, how embarassing!! I was only wearing my pink long johns, and oversized sweatshirt! (my PJ's)

    Take Care, don't talk with your dog too much! LOL!


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    No problem! You locked yourself out,,,,i've done that before! The kids crawled through a window to unlock the door!,,,,,,,,Lolol,,, Pink Longjohns,,,WooHoo!,,,,Thats ok!

    I would be caught in my p'js alot do to the fact that i were them alot unless i'm going out shopping or something along that line!

    Im glad it wasn't too cold out for you!,,,,,That's neat about your Pastor,,,,,i remember going to summer camp every summer growing up for about 2 wks at a time,,,,,,,,,do you remember where you hiked?,,,,,

    We went to a camp on Flathead lake and had so much fun! fishing,,campfires,singing,arts,,,swimming (And Kissing Boys!),,,,,,lolol!

    I'm Glad your son is comming along in his program! i'm sure he will get past this one part!,just keep saying (your doing a great job!) ,,,,,,,,,,

    I gave Lucky a flea tablet last night and he barfed it up this morning!,,,,,,Yuck! but oh well ,,,he probably got the medicine,,,,,,,,,

    I always make my own Bread and boy he can smell that and i always give in and give him some when it's done,,,,just a bite!,,,,,I know the talking thing is getting ridiculas ,,,,,but fun!,,,,,hope your haveing a Good day!,,,,,,,,,,Sis

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