Sister in laws are on my poop list

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by Sheila1366, Dec 27, 2005.

  1. Sheila1366

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    My Christmas day was going pretty good til our family went next door that evening to spend time with my husbands family.
    First off,my sister in law that is exspecting her first baby said she only bought gifts for the oldest and the youngest in the family.See, Carrie doesn't understand when others get presents and she doesn't,that was a hard one to explain.Anyway,the only people in the family are us 4,my inlaw parents,this sister in law and my husbands brother and the other brother ,wife and son.She bought our little nephew clothes from the gap,a very nice coat for our father in law and 2 gifts for our mother in law.All along she bought Christmas presnts for all her sisters children.So, my 2 girls got nothing because they were the oldest children in my husbands family.(am I making sense).And I made them(sister in law and brother in law) this cute little ornament for Christmas with a picture of their babies ultrasound and I hand stiched over the baby giving her eyes,lips,hair,a Christmas hat,a crown and wrote a Merry Christmas to mom and dad on it.I used a small piece of my wedding gown to make it and used alot of beading on it.......This woman has alot of nerve.I blame her beacuse I know my brother in law was really hurt by what happened.I think she controls the money pretty much and he does what she says and goes where she wants him to go.This is the first time they had never gotten anything for our girls.Both girls were hurt by her comment especially knowing that she bought all these things for her sisters children.THAT REALLY BURNED ME.

    Now my other sister in law.I know I have talked about Carrie alot here and you all know about her brain damamge and her disability.Well, she keeps having dejavus and delusions.Carrie started talking about her dejavus and I was tryng to explain it to the rest of the family what she was saying...and then across the room my sister in law rolled her eyes and looked at my other sister in law(the no gift one).

    I have so much built up anxiety.I have been wanting to hit someone for awhile but by the grace of God I didn't.Those 2 phoney people made me so mad I cried.I had to wait til I was alone of course but I let it out and my anger just got worse and worse.

    Now here is the phoney thing about them both.1 is in missionary work(the one that rolled her eyes) and the other is also a Christian.

    This has been an awful year!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    And I have reached the end of my rope with ignorrant people like this.It's always family that does these things.Well, I am gonna keep being a good aunt to their children cause I love family but those 2 females and brother in laws are on my "fake you like em" list.Mess with me all you want but when you hurt my children and make fun of my child's very serious illness you have made the biggest mistake.I looked forward to the day I am around them all.No more Miss Nice Sheila.I am tired of playing games with everyone.Now, I know how to forgive.Iggnorance is forgivable but God also has given me enough common sense to shield my children from hurtful people like this.Being kind at a distance is all I need to do but I can love my nephew and soon to be born niece all I want and will give them things no matter how my children are treated.They have never gotten birthday cards from either famalies.The missionary even came to a party with her husband and son and didn't even get a card for Carrie.All she cared about was Carrie listening to Christian music.
    Other than that our Christmas was great!LOL.
    Enough venting.
    HUGS to you all,
  2. kaiasmom

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    I know mine are. Ex and current!!! I am so sorry your Christmas was so crappy, well, at least the company was!! So sad how we are hurt the most by those we love - or wives and mothers of those we love.

    Good tell em!!

  3. MsE

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    I think every family has at least one "poopy" relative. My mother used to say, "Consider the source." I try to do that when I get disgusted with our own family's problem child. Sometimes it is easier to pass on this good advice than follow it, though.
  4. ephemera

    ephemera New Member

    I learned some time ago that I consider my friends more my family than my close relatives or immediate family or in-laws.

    Holidays are absolutely the worst time of year to spend with people who stress you out!

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