Sit down and cant get up!

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    Here's a not so funny one for you all...
    I woke up this morning stiff as always, so I worked at a slow pace all morning (work from 8-12), and I sat down next to this dogs cage to try to get him to eat. I really wasnt on the floor that long, but when I tried to get up, my hips felt like they were locked in a different position! I had to actually stand there and try to stretch them so I could stand up straight and walk. Now, 6 hours later, my hips feel bruised. All that pain, and I didnt even do anything except sit on the floor!
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    Once my husband had to come in and help me get up from the toilet! As for the pain-theres no rhyme or reason to it-it just happens.Hope you feel better soon.Linda
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    Hi Linda,
    Thanks for sharing your story with me! I read your bio and you sure have had a tough time. I'm very sorry for all that you have gone through. Hopefully after getting settled in CA. will help you.
    On a positive note, I have a Sheltie also. He's 14 years old, in great health, and is as smart as ever! His name is Spencer Alexander!
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    I read you bio. I too have trouble with stiffness and getting up and down. I have learned thru the years that I can't sit down any lower than my knees are because it hurts too-too much to try to get up. I got down on my hands and knees one time to get a spot out of the carpet where my dog got sick and couldn't get up. Of course I was home alone. Our dog is a 14 y/o black lab with health problems so I don't mind cleaning up after him but when I got down to do so, I couldn't get up. I had numbness in my lower legs and severe pain in my hips. I rolled over and laid there for quite some time stretching and trying to get up my nerve to try again knowing it was really going to hurt. Finally I rolled over to the sofa and pushed myself up with my arms but while I was laying there, my loving dog came over and laid down next to me staying the whole time I was down so it was all worth the pain and effort. I have him along with four cats and love them dearly and yes I too, talk to them just like they are human and to me they are! Hope you are feeling better.
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