Sites to connect Fibro patients to yoga/fitness classes in area?

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by butterfly83, Oct 31, 2006.

  1. butterfly83

    butterfly83 New Member

    I've been Google searching but I can't find what I am looking for.

    Are there any fitness classes (such as yoga for example), SPECIFICALLY geared toward people with fibromyalgia, and if so, are there any websites to connect people to find classes in their area?

  2. mosherpit

    mosherpit New Member

    Do a search above on content for was earlier this week I think. A yoga instructor with Fibro created it. I think you can only get the video from her web-site, but I am not positive about that.

    I hope to be able to get one soon for myself.

    Good luck.

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