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    well where do I begin. I am going to try and make this as short as possible.
    Quick background, been sickly all my life but very sick going on 10 years this March.UGH
    They have dx me with fibro, CFS, endometriosis, IBS, cmv, ebv, cpn, the list goes on and on.

    so on occasion I get this feeling like I have a bladder/UTI thing and I pee pee pee and have the horrible pressure. Well I saw my fibro doc in Nov. He said my blood work showed that my liver enzymes were up. Ok so what's that mean? He didnt' know just said we would check them next month. I get my blood work done every month.

    So I decided to finally drag myself to the dr, my pcp. I usually don't complain because the couple times I have they always say it's your "FIBRO" when is it NOT your FIBRO UGH
    My dr wasn't in and I saw someone I hadn't seen before. I was like GREAT he's going to know nothing about me and do nothing....NOPE just the opposite. So turns out I had bilirubin in my urine and he saw that my liver enzymes were up. So he ordered me a CT Scan and also a ton of bloodwork. They do it right in the office so I didn't even think to ask him what he was testing...

    Dec CT scan done
    Dec dr calls to tell me that something showed up funny in some of the blood work and wants me to get to the lab by my house to do some urine testing. I didn't get there until Fri because of the holidays.
    I pick up the jug to collect my 24 hour urine and I find out she's doing 2 different tests. So being me who loves to research comes home and reads up on the one test. Immunofixation. Wow well basically that is to rule out Multiple Myeloma..I was shocked.
    Friday Jan 2 same day called my dr to find out what my CT results were.....
    she said there is a blockage of some sort between the duct that goes from the liver to the gallbladder, which they assumed because of the bilirubin in the urine. I also have several benign cysts on my liver.
    so I asked her why are you doing that immunofixation test, she goes " to rule out multiple myeloma. Evidently my blood work showed an abnormal amount of protein?

    So I have been waiting all week and nothing yet. I am going nuts. Haven't slept, hub is now worried.Just insane.

    I have told the drs' for years there is more going on with me besides fibro and cfs because I have been too sick.

    so sorry so long
    say a little prayer.
    I will let you know what I find out!

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