Situation and testing in the UK?

Discussion in 'Lyme Disease Archives' started by zoster, Nov 13, 2007.

  1. zoster

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    Hello everyone,

    I've been diagnosed with ME(CFS) for 11 years or so now. I'm just starting to look into the possiblility of Lyme so I think I shall approach my GP here in the UK about testing.

    Has anyone had experience with getting tested and treated for Lyme in the UK? I'm wondering which test to ask for, would the Western blot be best? or the Elisa?

    Many thanks and best wishes to you all
  2. mollystwin

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    The best test is the western blot. Igenex has the most accurate western blot. I don't know if they use it over there in Germany, but you can get one free by going to thier website. You don't pay until you mail the blood back to them.

    If you can get a doctor to test you with Ignenex it would be best. The only problem is finding a doctor to help interpret the results. Most GP's or any dr for that matter do not know which test to order, how to interpret them and how to treat lyme.

    Good luck to you!!

  3. munch1958

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    I answered your post on the CFS/FM board. That board moves fast!

    Would you be able to get a doctor to order the test in the United Kingdom? What country are you in, BTW?

    There's a really interesting article about Lyme is Scotland. I found it by Googling "Revised Western Blot criteria."

    A hot topic here for the upcoming presidential election is health care. Don't you have to wait months to see a specialist?
  4. zoster

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    I contacted my Doctor about whether I can get tested, no reply as of yet, I have come across one story of a lady diagnosed with ME who then was found to have Lyme but she cannot get any treatment.

    I'm going to persue it and see how far I get with getting tested. I'll post how I get on.

    Anyone else here from the UK who have tested postive??

    Take good care

    PS I'm in England, though I have visited Scotland.
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  5. Katy47

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    Lyme is no doubt endemic everywhere in the world now except antarctica (only penguins and polar bears are exempt). You can do a search for UK, England, etc. in the search box. It's a great tool for specific info.

    I'm waiting on my Western blot test - first round of Lyme testing my CFS specialist does. So far, the first round indicates pretty bad infection of viral or Lyme etiology. Lyme "acts" like a virus on ordinary immune tests but is a very peculiar bacteria.

  6. zoster

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    Hi Katy, this is all new to me - I had kind of dismisssed the Lyme thing because I didn't remember being bitten by a tick or have a bullseye rash.
    But lately it's become a whole new area to look into and I've recently been in contact with a number of people previously diagnosed with ME/CFS that have found they have Lyme.

    I'm looking into it more seriously now, especially as I remembered that I had been studying a deer population not long before I became ill. I'm busy reading as much as I can and sorting out tests and treatments. I think I'll try the herbal route and see how I get on and going on antibiotics only if I really have to.

    Good luck with it