Situation is making me flare, just need to vent really...

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by MichelleV, Nov 14, 2005.

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    In a nutshell I've been doing so much better with the fibro lately until Fri. morning. I dropped my dog off at the groomer's and pulled out of her driveway. There was a school bus stopped a short distance down the street, BEFORE the driveway I was pulling out of. I turned left AWAY from and AHEAD of the school bus and drove into town. 40 minutes later a police officer was at my front door to hand me a ticket and schedule my court appearance. The bus driver had phoned in a complaint stating that I had driven my car past her bus while it was stopped. I was unable to get any specifics about her complaint, he gave me her name and told me to try calling her but I'm so upset I'm afraid I'll say something that could be used against me. The officer's parting comment to me was "you have a really wierd last name." I seemed like he was trying to get me to lose my temper and I didn't oblige him. Since then I've discovered that this offense carries a possible $500 fine and also a possible license suspension. I have a clean license, this is just killing me. I was advised to talk to an attorney because of the possible license suspension. I'm not keen on attorneys but I accepted a referral from a friend who thinks I'll feel better if I talk to someone knowledgeable about this.

    Within 12 hours I was aching from head to toe and doubled over with cramps and all the other lovely symptoms of IBS, plus a bright red rash on my neck and chest. So much for progress, I didn't think I could go backwards this fast. I hope I can get back to where I was before Thanksgiving.
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    It might also be a good idea to go back to the area at the same time of the day. Take a photo of where the bus stops (if possible WHILE the bus is there) and how that relates to the location of the driveway you came out of.

    You might also get a statement from the groomer's about the fact that you WERE there at the groomer on that date and at this time. Do this now before the groomer forgets what date/time you were there. So you can prove you actually did come out of that specific driveway.

    This should mean that it won't be a "yes she did" "no I didn't" situation if you actually have to go ahead to court.

    I know this doesn't really help how you're feeling NOW, but it might have some benefit if worst comes to worst and you can't get it dismissed.

    Best wishes,

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    print a map off the internet. you can use a site called mapquest.
    enlarge it at a kinko's if necessary.

    put a big X where the dog groomers driveway was and an arrow at which direction you turned.

    put a different colored X where the school bus was stopped.
    this can be introduced as evidence and will be backed up by the letter from the dog groomer WITH HER ADDRESS on it.

    in my town the school buses have stops that are set out by the school district so they should be able to verify the spot where the driver was stopped.

    good luck. sounds like a nasty person having a bad day and decided to make you pay for it!

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