Situational or Reactive Depression vs. Clinical Depression.....

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    If we are depressed, I think it is a situational depression (meaning if you could eliminate this disease and all of its resulting effects, such loss of spouse, job, support system, etc.) the depression would disappear...With clinical depression, it is a general lose interests in all activities that were once pleasurable..interest in life.. Of course, you will be depressed at times with this DD..there is a lot to be depressed about given the loss of almost everything that meant anything to you, not much support, and very few answers to this DD.. What I see is very strong people who strive to recover everyday and would love to have a life again, if just given the chance...And knowing what we have learned from this experience, I think we would live life to its fullest in every sense of the to all..AMELIA[This Message was Edited on 02/15/2003]
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    My level of depressiongoes hand and hand with he pain level. As long as I can keep the pain at bay - I'm fine. As the pain builds so does the depression!
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    You can have both at the same time. For instance I have major depressive disorder which is under control with medication. But I recently lost my parents and have gone thru a serious reactive depression during which I had severe adonhenia( loss of pleasure in life), insomnia etc.
    Either way believe me, you are ill.
    Yes, chronic pain causes depression, and that will ease and flow according to the days pain level. But in the definition depression is qualified and quantified according to the length of the symptoms.
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    but I think that there is certainly a difference and I'm saying it is in reaction to a very depressing situation..but I think it is why antidepressants don't work as well for people with this DD...AMELIA