Six sea vegetables for health

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    There's been a lot of information on the benfits of sea greens lately, we can actually gain the benefits from eating them too

    Six of the best seagreens/weeds.

    Produced from the mucilage of several species, usually sold as powder or flakes. Can be used as a substitute for animal gelatine. Rich in nutrients including iodine. Is good for curbing the appetite because it adds bulk to meals without adding calories.
    Brown and stringy. It is good for the supporting the thyroid, high blood pressure, bones, teeth and digestion. It is high in calcium and iron. Soak for 5 minutes before cooking.
    Red and blue on pigmentation and is an excellent salt substitute. It is rich in iodins and manganese, it has the highest iron content of any food. Dulse treats anaemia, prevents sea sickness, and inhibits the herpes virus.
    Unlocks nutritional value of all foods prepared with it. Used to treat arthritis, rheumatism, high blood pressure, thrush, prostate and ovarian problems. Good for weight loss and can help reduce cancer tumours. Soak for 20 – 30 minutes or allow a 1 hr cooking time. Use one or two strips to tenderise beans, which will also help reduce any problems with flatulence.
    Rich in fibre low in fat. Use in salads, soups, and for making sushi. It contains more vitamin C than oranges. It’s cooling and rich in vitamin A to maintain skin and membranes. It can reduce phlegm, lower cholesterol, and is the most easily digested of all the sea greens. No need to soak, delicious roasted.
    Olive coloured and has a sweet flavour. Has anti-cancer properties. Promotes healthy hair nails and skin. Supports the liver. Traditionally used in Japan to purify the blood after childbirth. Soak for 5 minutes the cook for 45.

    The above is based upon information provided by “What Really Works”.



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    I'm willing to try them, but where do you buy them? I've certainly never seen any in the stores. Are they only in healthfood stores. If anyone has found them in the grocery stores, could you print the names of the chains?

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    Fred Meyers has a section in deli department for sushi. I buy 5 nori sheets for $1.50. I tear enough off the sheet to wrap around a piece of steamed shrimp. I try to eat one whole sheet at each meal. I use different kinds of meat to wrap the nori sheets in too. The taste is not too bad.
    This is the only product that has given me energy beside B-12 injections. I have had CFIDS and FMS for almost 10 years now. I have tried every kind of medicine and vitamin there is.
    I looked up brown seaweed extract pills and couldn't believe how expensive it is.
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    I live in the UK so it may be a little different here. they can be found in some of the food chains who supply a wider choice of food stuffs, delicatessens, vegan/organic food shops, and health stores here.

    I just thought it might be cheaper this way and some people prefer to get as many of their nutrients as possible thfough diet rather than as sups.


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    If you live in or near a big American city you may find it has a Chinatown or Japan town. These will have markets that sell large varieties of seaweed.