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  1. spacee

    spacee Member

    On the last thread, Pam is going to be a great grandmother!! And is feeling well enough
    to cook from scratch again. She also likes rap music :)

    Those are three things that Pam and I do not have in common :)

    I mentioned that my pcp recinded by lupus diagnosis. The insurance company didn't ask
    about sjogren' got off easy there.

    Big annoucement: I have learned how to cut, copy and paste! 61 is not too old to learn :)
    A friend sent me an email on how to do it. Guess seeing it written helped me a lot.

    It's winter on QVC, they are selling the fleece tops left and right.

    The son who got back from China is leaving for England tomorrow. If the post on Facebook
    is correct. We haven't heard from them yet. This should be his last trip back. I think it
    will tug at his heartstrings. It's a good time to go since there is no a/c where he is going.
    I like to look at things from a practical point of view ;)

    Wish there was something interesting going on but there is not. Life is life. I have heard
    once more that a great "public announcement" is going to be made...but then don't hear
    anything. Maybe they meant the part about the miners getting that was great

    Ok, we are off and running....

  2. victoria

    victoria New Member

    I knew it wouldn't be more than a couple posts after mine that a new thread would be started... my timing is always last minute, story of life...

    Congrats on learning how to cut/paste, Spacee, you now know more than my DH!

    And...I don't have those 3 things in common with Pam either, so that's something we have in common Linda, I guess? Plus I love pears. However I love apple butter, something we don't have in common with Rock. This could be a complicated map if we attempted to draw it out...

    Yep Pam, we do keep Cipro in stock... even tho MX has tried to tighten selling abx, it is still pretty easy to get and anyway, MD visits are only about $18 USD. That's a good day's pay around here tho for most workers.

    Congrats on being a great-grandmother, how cool! I don't know that I'll ever be a grandmother even, and I think I'm a bit older than you... but I sure don't want my kids doing anything they don't want to!

    DH says we should go back to US for 3 months, like leave as soon as Mon or end of next week. Personal/family reasons; no fear, nothing bad.

    But... Iyiyi. While this IS seen as good news, it is also daunting news because we'd be staying with daughter & son in our old house... between them they have 5 dogs, different ones of theirs do not get along, AND we'd be bringing our 4 dogs, 2 of whom do not get along;

    and I know none from either group will get along with the other group. 4-5 would definitely fight. Actually all but 2 would want to. And since this is our old house, where our dogs grew up, this will be really strange for them. There are a lot of doors... just not in the end where I'd be with 3 of our 4 dogs... which means lots of possibilities for accidents. In this case, bad accidents as they have 2 pit mixes, and 1 of ours is also, another one has shar-pei in her and she's just as feisty.

    Let's add one more factor, LOL: 2 of ours are "house dogs" and 2 of theirs are also.

    OK add to that we'll be driving in one car with 3 in the back seat and dragging a closed walk-in trailer with hopefully a crate anchored in it for the 4th dog... none are socialized to the car really or a crate, big mistake, tho we did make the trip here with them in 2 cars. Can I say, I'm already e-x-h-a-u-s-t-e-d???

    And is this confusiating enough to even understand? We're all trying to figure out creative solutions, but there aren't many. Wish we could install another door on the one end of the house, but that would be outrageous long-term, LOL.

    So... that's my BIG news probably for the next 3 months...

    So Linda be careful what you wish for... I wish my life was placid... I'm so divided!

    And yep, I AM off and running. Well, walking fast anyway.

    Placida Walker

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  3. Ranigar

    Ranigar Member

    Linda you are so funny.I'm a great grandma already since GD brother got married right out of high school and has a 2yr. old and is divorced.

    No FIL said today it is nice and quiet in my house.Of course he is pretty deaf so that comment makes me just smile.Little does he know about the music blaring from the TV.Cooking from scratch I do less and less anymore.

    Let me know when the big news finally gets announced.Did you see the miners face when he was greeted by his mistress?Not to thrilled.Wife refused to come after finding out about the mistress who was turning up at prayer groups.

  4. spacee

    spacee Member

    Victoria's family has gone to the dogs, literally! Too funny!!

    And FIL has a nice quiet day everyday! haha

    No, I totally missed the part about the miner's mistress....sounds like she was a god
    fearing woman! haha. Guess he had a lot of splaining to do.

    I did see on Oprah the Sister Wives and they got the news #4 wife was going to be
    added. If they could get along (better than Victoria's dogs) I could see the positive
    part of that whole situation. One daughter said that she would be an only child if
    her mother wasn't one of the wives. Like a fate worst that death. Seemed like
    a unusually congenial bunch.

    Sorry you got the little end of the stick again Victoria. Too bad we can't bump say the
    last three posts up to the start of the new thread...that would be great to me.

    Sleepyland time

  5. Ranigar

    Ranigar Member

    Victoria that sounds like an insane situation.What stress your in for.I hope everyone pitches in to help protect you from all of it.

    I've seen a couple interviews of the sister wives.I can see getting along with the companionship of other women but it rubs me the wrong way with a man getting all that attention and fawning over.Do you ever hear of a woman having several men in one household?Those guys with multiple wives make my skin crawl.They are all so creepy I don't see how they get one woman.Just sayin.
  6. spacee

    spacee Member

    Victoria...I don't know how you are going to manage your life going to the dawgs....really.
    Hoping it works out someway, as life tends to do.

    Got a short email from extwin. Her huz needs both knees replaced and both hips. She is
    angry and sad that she is going to spend the rest of her life being his nurse. Don't really
    know how to answer that one. It is what it is. Guess I will email her to call me later and

    It's Friday...just reminding myself :) And once again, nothing is going on. So, housework
    it is. That will be good. Maybe I will put the music on like Pam and get some things done!

    The weather is so fallish....85 degrees. The rain trees I talked about last year have turned
    yellow and pink. Very pretty. These are huge trees.

    The GD's did not sleep at the hotel before the flight OR on the flight from Neth. to Atlanta.
    Son said it was a LOT of work keeping them entertained. I think FB was wrong about the
    other one heading to England. So, don't believe everything you read on FB.

    I'm still happy about the miners. That has changed their lives for good. I don't know how
    they were willing to go along with eating so little every 48 hours. I guess they had to have
    hope. That and the fights to entertain them.

    Yeah, if I really think about it...the huz of those wifes would make my skin crawl. And possibly
    be sick too. I guess there have been a number of countries in the world that have allowed
    multiple wives if the man could afford it. But I think those wives had no say the matter.

    Ok, lunchtime. Cuban (1/4) and tomato bisque soup..

  7. bct

    bct Well-Known Member

    It's a pleasant 75 degrees here, some trees are starting to color -- dogwoods and ash mainly, the maples and other will follow.

    Went to town last week for lab work, and see the doc. next week. A trip I am dreading -- 65 miles each way, plus R want to shop at Costco, etc...

    Rock -- I didn't make the pear butter, I bought it at the farmer's market. I will be making quince butter later, after they ripen. It's my favorite.

    I bought some kiwi berries at the store; never seen them before. They are about the size of an olive, taste like a kiwi fruit but sweeter, plus no fuzz on the skin. I've never been crazy about kiwis myself (except for the birds). I was first introduced to them in England some 40 yrs. ago under the name of Chinese Gooseberries.

    I've just been helping R with a pot roast for dinners. Also have been picking herbs to dry, and have them hanging from the rafters.... oregano, thyme, lemon balm, etc.

    Wishing you all well,
  8. victoria

    victoria New Member

    wonder if I could ever find that cut here... I don't even know the english name
    really of the cut I'm used to (I think there are a couple that can be used?),
    much less spanish -- much less would the butcher know what I would want,
    tho he does know some english.

    Kiwi berries sound wonderful, never heard of them before. Living in the south,
    I never found paw-paw for sale, even tho they supposedly grew in the wild even...
    always wanted to try that! I have eaten wild persimmons, managed to get a few
    before the deer got them all after first frost... but there's always, ALWAYS a tiny
    bit that is horribly astringent (right Linda?)

    OK I was gazing at the row of cedar trees between us and the road. The cedar
    berries are out, and I guess they're ripe for the picking because in the space of
    5 minutes I saw:
    "a bouquet of warblers", "a confusion of warblers", or a "wrench of warblers"
    (take your pick as to how to describe the group)....
    plus, a very small gross of blackheaded grosbeaks!

    Wow, 2 hip replacements and knee replacements.. that cannot be fun for
    anyone... but to be angry? It's not like he could help it, poor guy.
    Assuming he wasn't into extreme sports. Others have done well with knee
    and hip replacements, maybe he will be up and walking sooner and better
    than she thinks. I hope so, for his sake at least.

    Wow, didn't hear about the mistress & wife of one of the miners... well,
    everybody knows now, probably did before too, except for the poor wife.

    Did you know there are one or 2 societies where the women have more
    than 1 husband? I think it takes that many to make sure the kids are
    provided for.

    I'm thinking China might have to switch to that if the guys want to marry
    these days if only because there are so few women... that would be an
    interesting twist to a here-to-fore patriarchal society!

    OK sigh, trying to avoid it, but, I admit it - our family HAS gone to the dawgs!
    ... biggest mistake was to not crate train all of them even if we'd had to
    finance our kids' dogs' crates, LOL. We are looking for a crate for our biggest,
    hoping he can sort of get used to it before leaving since he will be in it for
    traveling; also plan on using it as his "doghouse".

    We may not leave for a week... or 2 weeks... or a month... still not sure, there's
    some things that are making the decision for us that have yet to be decided,
    by others unfortunately. Oh well.

    Makes me NOT want to do anything here...
    and here I was, actually feeling like doing a few things around here.... jejejeje

  9. spacee

    spacee Member

    I had been thinking about it before Barry mentioned it. Mine doesn't get very tender though.
    I use a rump roast. Now, if you cook it in a crock pot with a cola poured over it, it is very
    tender but I don't care for the taste of the cola in the drippings.

    Only wild fruit I have ever come across were blueberries and that was when I was growing
    up in Alabama. I was mightily impressed that the woman next door knew how to bake
    a blueberry pie. (I've had a sheltered life....too sheltered!)

    I totally missed the all important sentence...going back to US for 3 months, maybe Monday.
    Read the part about the doggies all together with your kids dogs so I figured that part out.
    Just didn't read the MONDAY part. No, I wouldn't feel like doing anything around the house
    either. You would be back after the holidays. 'Christmas in Dixie, it's snowing through the
    pines'. Makes a nice song but never had a white Christmas in B'ham.

    A man that DS met in Bejing was arrested at the airport the day after. Passport seized.
    News of it is in the New York Times. They were told that they could leave to attend a
    meeting in South Africa. Wonder if it was a set up.

    Did you hear on the news that more Chinese speak English that there are Americans in the
    US? Start teaching at age 3. I heard a few years ago that they watch American News
    Broadcasts in their English classes to hear the accent. Peter Jennings was a favorite.

    Nitety nite, Princes and Princesses of Wales

  10. victoria

    victoria New Member

    The Chinese outnumber most everybody so overwhelmingly, I'm not surprised by that stat.

    I've met many here in Mexico who speak excellent English with little accent. I think they are taught from little on up, plus all the media in English it's hard to avoid hearing it I think. Many English words are creeping into Spanish I find, just like French.

    Did you know the French have laws against the English language and media? 60% of songs on radio have to be French-made, for starters...

    Anyway, I am glad to announce we are not leaving Monday... probably in about 2 weeks... or more if necessary. Timing is everything, long story.

    Why does life have to get complicated anyway? LOL...

    I don't think I'd like Coke on pot roast... is that a southern recipe, jeje? I'm too German... I'm not sure what cut I used in the U.S., just knew what it was supposed to "look like" and it was always tender in slow cooker... I even add a wee bit of apple cider vinegar at the end, LOL.

    Have a good night everyone! Dulce sueños.

    (How cool, I can add the tilde and accents now from my keyboard. I think it's cuz my computer is still rebooted with Español version of Vista, even tho now 99% of it read in Inglés. I can even do those 2 little marks over a letter now: ä Did you know that was called a diaeresis? Sounds ugly... lol. But, way cool! LOL!)
  11. Ranigar

    Ranigar Member

    Don't need groceries this weekend.Well don't feel up to going anyway.My left hip started aching something awful yesterday.Have never had hip problems.Probably just another weird random pain that will switch to somewhere else eventually.

    We have pot roast pretty often Huz likes a tomato soup gravy.He likes that with meatloaf too.I like brown gravy.

    Haven't tried a lot of the fruits mentioned.I like to try new fruits.

    GD called yesterday after her Drs. appt.she's having a boy.She wanted a girl.She said she knows she's going to get peed on a lot lol.

    DD and SIL are on vacation this week and taking toddler to Disney.His family are upset they didn't drive to Georgia to visit them.He told his dad they wanted to spend time together and his dad asked if there were problems in the marriage.That's so funny if you want to spend time with your spouse your marriage is in trouble.
  12. spacee

    spacee Member

    Going to Disney. Missing my fam (not me) by a few days. They are going Thurs. Small
    World after All.

    Tell your GD that someone has to have the boys. It's not fair. But she is gonna have to
    take one for the team. Team meaning the balance of boys and girls. Which China is
    having problems with with the limiting of the families and more people wanting sons.
    I think Victoria talked about that. If I am correct, and that is questionable, they have
    switched and more want girls now. So the son's may have wives, only about 20 years or
    so younger.

    I'm relieved you do not have to rush out the door to the US, Victoria. Maybe the doggies
    will have time to get more adjusted to the crates. I never knew about dogs sleeping in
    crates till a few years ago. I always thought they had the run of the house so they could
    bark at burgurlars. jejeje

    And Spanish symbols on your espanol computer...very cool.

    Had a uncle and aunt who ate very lightly on the weekend and had chuck roast every
    Monday nite. That's cause the housekeeper was back for the week. They both worked
    and needed someone to watch their daughter and keep house. And that was the deep
    south. I don't think they could do that in this age. Everyone needs insurance. The wealty
    yes but not small town folks.

    Gotta get my act together. Monday is coming....


  13. spacee

    spacee Member

    Pam, how is that hip doing? It sounds very, very painful. Do you use ice or
    heat on any of your random pains? Sounds like it keeps life interesting in
    a not good way.

    I guess I'll have to say goodbye to the Bubba Burgers...sniff. I did so much
    love them. Especially the ones with the vidalla onions in them. I seem to
    do better with fish or chicken. You know the drill....smaller amounts of food
    and spaced more frequently.

    And got turned down again from the insurance company because of all my
    muscle and joint aches from the F/M. I don't have F/M, my doc decided
    to include it in my diagnose cause he sees CFS/FM together when doing
    his reading about CFS. I wonder what the heck he has been reading. I
    am pretty sure the NIH doesn't put the two together. AND the doc doesn't
    know how to use a computers. yada, yada.

    Oh, Pam....I should have warned you for your DS and wife about taking hand santiziser
    with them to the Magic Kingdom. After getting sick twice there and my brother
    and his wife and kids all carry that and put their hands in their t-shirts to open
    doors. Didn't get sick doing that. Just looked a bit weird..haha

    DS wants to take the kids to the world's largest McDonalds and all I can think about
    are germs. What a phobe! You know when you get used to not going places, you
    forget about stuff like that...sometimes.

    Gotta get my act together....still.


  14. Ranigar

    Ranigar Member

    Nope hip pain has just turned into muscle aching to go along with all the other aching.At least I can say it's all even now.Weird how it strikes for no reason.

    Too late kids are done at Disney.It there was any germs my daughter will find them.She gets everything going around.GD even liked the Haunted Mansion.She yelled boo at the ghosts.

    Did nothing but cook meals today.That and circle the bed.Everytime I came near it I layed down.
  15. spacee

    spacee Member

    Sorry you are having to circle the bed and cook these days. Do you have your rap music
    playing? SOL

    We are leaving about 3pm for the Orlando confab. Hope it is better than the one that I
    slept through. There for 3 days and all I did was go to one movie. The Nutty Professor.
    My son's g/f (had only been dating a month) was with us. I thought we were going to
    have to leave the theater cause the movie was kinda gross with bathroom humor. Maybe
    I don't have my names correct on the movie. Had Eddie Murphy in it. It was just cause
    she didn't know us. She is the one who (now) laughs the hardest at any 'fart' joke.

    I will miss you kids. And will soak up some Florida Sunshine for you!!


  16. victoria

    victoria New Member

    Can you sleep in the car? That always helps. I can sleep if we're on interstate expressways, but not on any other type of road because of too many slowdowns/braking (DH uses the brake hard no matter when).

    Sorry about your hip too Pam. I was having some hip pain, well a lot... when I took benicar doing the MP it disappeared. Obviously there's some type of bug in my hip that gets blocked by the benicar.

    That is too funny your GD yells BOO at the ghosts.. She sounds fearless altho I'm sure she feels safe with her parental units there LOL.

    Nothing much else happening here. We opened up our storage trailer to find stuff suddenly was mildewing. Just in time, nothing was really ruined that couldn't be scrubbed, TG.

    I learned a new word today, tho I'm not sure anyone outside of Oz (Australia) would know what it meant:
    Means shoddy. Maybe it's a combination of wonky and shoddy? It does sort of sound like that, eh?

    G'day to y'all...

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  17. Ranigar

    Ranigar Member

    I like it,haven't heard that one before.
    Forgot to say sorry about insur. turndown again.Solve the Lupus label and FM halts it.Your being treated very shonky if you ask Victoria and I.Can't the Dr. work with you to get approved?Have a good outing.
    A cousin I never met found me and my sisters about a yr. ago.She does the ancestry search.She emailed me another long lost cousin's info to contact.My mom was one of 11 kids so you can imagine how many relatives there are.Only 1 of 11 are still living.Kind of neat and usually I can kind of remember most of them through Reunions as a kid.It's a lot of work so good for her.

    Dreaded b-day is Wed. 57yrs. old.Where did the yrs. go?Numbers don't usually matter to me but I feel every bit of this one.I told huz Netbook was my gift.
  18. victoria

    victoria New Member

    they can use almost anything I think to turn one down, no matter what type of insurance, or severely limit it. Especially in the kind of insurance Linda's looking for.

    Well here's an early


    in case I forget... so I'm saying it while I can remember.

    Hope you get your favorite cake, and get to eat it too LOL!

    That said, I started reversing my birthdays, which means that I am now your age ;)

  19. Ranigar

    Ranigar Member

    Hmm they say age is just a number.Your as young as you feel.All sorts of sayings to make you feel better about getting older.Reversing sounds reasonable or ignoring that's good too.Last yr.I baked my own cake and ate most of it too.Now that I've started gaining weight again no cake.Well it was great while it lasted.

    Huz started off for Wis. again.He'll be home tomorrow.
  20. victoria

    victoria New Member

    Maybe you can go to the bakery and get a good cupcake?
    At least that would be self-limiting! LOL

    The only way I can buy a good brownie mix is at Costco in a package
    of 5 mixes ((Ghiardelli truffle brownie mix)) - yes I am hugging it lol.
    I bought it last Dec., intending to make some and give most of it to
    my neighbor as all her family were coming in last Christmas.

    Well, I forgot to adjust for altitude! so they weren't gift-able, tho still
    edible jejeje... so of course DH & I ended eating most of it... added 8 lbs
    that took forever to get off!

    IF I am back in Georgia this year, I can make my traditional chocolate
    chip tollhouse original "original recipe"and be assured that DH and DS
    will eat 90% of it. My daughter can tolerate a few (allergies) and her
    BF none (worse food allergies).

    Well... still up in the air about if/when/if/when/if/when we're leaving-
    yes, that is how it is fluctuating! And trying to rein in DH so we are there
    when we need to be and don't waste the effort and $$, but, I truly hate
    being in limbo like this.

    In the meantime...
    nothing much happening...
    but that is a good thing, as Martha says!

    But I'm more like Martha Stewart on crack, as Amy Sedaris says...