Sixty The Loungers On your Mark, Get Set, GO!

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    Or take a nap, which ever fits your day!

    I just read in the 2008 Harrison's Principals that CFS patients were general
    sedentary as children. I have to laugh. Where do they get this stuff? This is
    the book that all doc's have in their office.

    We have finished season two of 24. To kep my heart from pounding too
    much, I find having a magazine or filing ones nails enough distraction :)

    And I washed my hair tonite.

    That is the extent of the news in central FL. Especially since we quit watching
    the local news. The murders were getting to me.

    Ok, I did hear that 5 million homes are robbed while they are on vacation. So
    don't put it on FaceBook that you are going away. Really? Do they think it is
    your family and friends doing the robbing? (This wasn't on the local news we
    didn't watch. It was on a travel show).

    Amigos, we are off and running on this edition. I would tell you to go back and
    read the last post but it was mine and nothing much of interest.

    La Dolce Vita,

  2. Ranigar

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    Your poor son should have taken those protein bars.What a big adjustment he has to make.Keep us updated will you?

    My DS and GS got the Droid.I looked at it and listened to them excitedly talk about all the functions.Even saw it in action but way over my head.I used to use huz Blackberry while we traveled but had to hand it to him to turn it on and shut it off.I'm challenged that way what can I say.

    FIL is getting bloodwork and I want to go along and be dropped off to get a book.Obama's War to be exact but boy is it going to be tough.This flare is just really difficult.I'm even a little afraid to be on my own that short of time before huz picks me back up.I'm really trying to get through this.It has to end sometime right?I'm pretty stubborn so I'll see how far that gets me.

    Thanks for the encouragement Linda.I better call for that hair appt. now before I give up on it.
  3. HeavenlyRN

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    Here I's 1:05 pm as I start this and I've only been out of bed for an hour! Yikes. However, I was up until 5 am.....just couldn't sleep.

    Things are the same here. I'm getting "stoked" (as my step-son says!) about the craft show in November. Unfortunately that's the only thing I've been stoked about lately. Man oh man....I just can't seem to get out of this funk I'm in. I guess that's why I haven't written much. I don't want to bring everybody else down with me.

    We found out last week that the SSDI appeal for my husband was denied. As if that wasn't bad enough, when we went to the Social Security office to find out about Social Security for him, we were told that I MAKE TOO MUCH! Um....excuse me.....say what? We're currently living on JUST my long term disability and that runs out in December, at which time we will have NO income. So, when that runs out, we can go back and talk to them again about our situation. I wonder how we'll get there, since we probably won't have any money to pay for gas?

    The one, and only, bright spot in all of this is that my DH and I have spent the last couple of days picking apart the judge's ruling sentence-by-sentence. We have found places where he contradicted himself. Also, when we received the testimony of the "expert medical opinion (a few months ago)," we found it to be 80% illegible, as did our attorney. We asked for a type-written account of the 'experts' findings and the judge denied it. Can you believe that? What a jerk. So, according to our attorney....we've got a leg to stand on as far as an appeal to the appeal.

    You know, it's funny. When I was up during the night I felt really good and felt like I could take on the world. I even started searching for jobs! When I woke up at noon, I felt as if a train had hit me. I just don't get this stupid disease.

    I really wish I could come here and be cheery and share the things I've done during the day, but I'm finding that increasingly difficult to do. I guess I'll just lurk for a while and write when I'm in a better place, emotionally.

  4. spacee

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    Pam, maybe you should check with your doc about this flare. Doc might want
    you on prednisone or something. Just wondering....I 'get' to see my doc
    tomorrow about my lymph node pain. It's not like I haven't had it for a
    couple of years but that one night makes it 'need to run some labs' I guess.
    This is the 3rd time in 3 months I have been in....not liking that...but maybe
    he will have some words of wisdom.

    Huz came home at lunch and said "try to get out if you can, it beautiful out
    there". Good to know. I think I will sit on the porch.

    Hope you feel better soon, Pam.

    I talked yesterday on the phone with a woman I met on FB. She got ill the same
    year I did (1986) and she is about my age. Our sleeping patterns are exactly
    the same. Which means we take sleep aids at 3:30am and then sleep til 10 or
    11 am. It's the same story, friends and relatives don't contact.
    Read so much about that on the other board.

    History Prof and Philos.Prof were vacationing in the mountains together. History
    Prof says 'have you read Marx'. Philos. Prof said, 'I think it's rattan".

    Lindy Lou
  5. Ranigar

    Ranigar Member

    Thanks again Spacee.I called the GP this morning thinking that same thing.He's on vaca wouldn't you know so the earliest I can see him is Nov.1 I took it just because I'm due for refill appt.If not better by Mon. I'll try Rheumy.I can't remember what the doc said about when pred helps.

    Huz talked me into going to the bookstore.I even changed out of house clothes.I made it there and back.Made a hair appt. for tomorrow.Just will grin and bear it.Huz says what's the worst that could happen?

    Heavenly hon you come on here and vent to your hearts content.Sorry things are going so wrong.Jerk of a judge.If it helps you to talk to people who understand glad to listen.Hope your sale goes well.So exciting.

    That's so neat you found a buddy on FB that you connect with.All I find are long lost relatives I would like to stay lost lol.

  6. rockgor

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    Had some rain yesterday. Just a heavy mist. A bit more
    misty today. Unusual to have rain here in Sept.

    Went to the library. Got a history book. Did you know Woodrow
    Wilson sent troop to Russia, the mid-east and S. America? I
    sure didn't. I always associate him w/ peace since he was
    a founder of the League of Nations.

    Also got a book on Gloria Stuart, the oldest actress nominated
    for an Oscar. (Titanic) She was in lots of movies when she was young
    and beautiful. Just died last month at age 100.

    Spacee, I agree. I certainly wasn't sedentary as a kid. No
    kids were. In our whole village, there were only 2 chubby kids.
    Too bad I didn't save some of that energy for now. Well,
    as I said, it IS a rainy day.

    Although I took Philosophy 101, I did not get the Mark-Rattan
    joke. I did look on the net. Found a philospher named Gurpeet
    Rattan and another yclept Rattan Singh Bhangu. He is a
    Sikh. (Guess he seeks wisdom.)

    As we all know, Rattan Singh Bhangu can be morphed into
    Banana Thighs Grunt.

    Pam, never heard of droid phones. Only droids I know are
    R2D2 and C3PO. I won an I Pod a couple years ago. Couldn't
    figure it out at all. It is smaller than a match book. The only
    control I can find on it is a knurled wheel. Don't know what it

    Jan, I don't understand how your earnings affect the Soc.
    Sec. benefits of your husband. I do know most judges are
    petty tyrants and totally unreasonable. Hope ya get to
    feeling better soon.

    I mighta been a judge myself if I hadn't got these DDs. I
    did pass the necessary exam. Just another unfulfilled
    ambition. Sigh.

    Victoria, next time the census is taken, be sure to put down
    that you are a dog door engineer. Probably start a whole
    new catagory.

    I think energy sharing would be a wonderful thing. We could
    pass it around to those who have dr. appointments or birthday
    parties on the calendar.

    Kinda like the aspen trees that share water. Did you know the
    largest living thing is Pando? Pando is bunch of aspen trees.
    Over a 100 acres. All connected to the mother tree. All
    the same DNA.

    I could use some energy today. I have to send out 3 birthday
    cards. Uff-da!


    Oh, now I got it. H. Allen Smith, reporter and author, had
    a similar story about an ecdysiast he interviewed.
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  7. victoria

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    isn't it funny how some times we don't understand something, then suddenly have a light go off? I think that was one that almost had to be read out loud...

    We got counted in the Mexico census. We're officially 'retirees'. If I said anything else, they'd want to know if I were employing any mexicanos, the only way you really can have a business here LOL. I really don't want to confuse things.

    I agree about these little gadgets. Either things are very tiny or very big... what happened to "just right", asked Mama Bear.

    Jan, your DH's SSD shouldn't be dependent on any of your income no matter how you get it, it is based only on his work record.... unless he is filing for SSI? That's the only time it does matter. Seems to me that judge should be kicked out. Grrrr. Wish I could do it for you.

    I usually feel the same way you do at night... think it is pretty typical unfortunately. THe longer I stay up the better I feel til I drop, but of course the next day then it is impossible to do anything I have to do.

    SO I think I have shingles again. Had it 7 years ago. Acupuncture helped tremendously, but, there's none here. Taking everything that might help including acyclovir, tho what I read was that it only shortens on average the duration of it by one day.

    Anyway, I'm presenting atypically., no surprise A few big red bumps in same place as before, looks like "maybe" a blister or 2 is forming... maybe. No punctures visible so don't think it's insect bites. Doc didn't know what to make of it but gave me the meds just in case. I'm also dosing up on the cimetidine, lysine, C, zinc, selenium, 2 immune boosters (thymulus and SAMe) and... probably one or 2 more things I cannot remember.

    Not feeling ill yet, no swollen lymph nodes... and hopefully there won't be.

    On the bright side, I think I'm getting my computadora back this afternoon... keeping my fingers crossed, cuz my eyes are starting to cross on this netbook even tho I have special glasses for reading a screen 18" away!

    Oh yeah, i wasn't sedentary either as a kid. I don't think we were allowed to be unless ill... they made us go stand outside at recess in 15 +/- degree weather in winter even tho we were too bundled up & cold to actually do more than jump up and down a bit to stay warm. Gee even a few teachers had to stand out there too to make sure nobody got into fights or wandered away.

    Nolika Snow

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  8. spacee

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    Whew! Legal messes are a terrible thing. What an ordeal. Hoping the appeal will be
    much better. And, yes, we are here to listen to anything anyone needs to say.

    Rock, you weren't the only one that didn't get that joke. It was sorta my point in
    posting it to see who would. I didn't get it....until I was writing the email to Huz
    that "this doesn't make sense". Then the lightbulb came one. So, I sent the answer
    to Huz and kids with the PhD (who wrote back that he didn't get the answer either).

    Ok, RED Marks....not read Marx. Came from the rattan chair. It's not that funny
    is it? CPA type of humor is all I can say.

    I had a feeling that none of us were sedentary as kids. There were not enough cars
    to go around back then. We had to walk. I did always to school. And in the summer
    we rode bikes all over the little town. Now the world is a scarier place.

    I saw today that one company is selling handbags with locks and keys. Interesting to
    me. I guess there is a market for anything, just about.

    Pam, those docs take their vaca's at odd times. Course, with the kids all in school and if
    the doc doesn't have any, it a great time to travel. Learned that on the Travel Show that
    said not to post you are going away on Facebook.

    I met a lady who became ill the same year I did and almost the same age. So, we became
    friends. This was via Facebook Whittenmore Pettersen site. She has twin brothers (they
    are from Long Island) and the twins both became actors. They look so much alike but
    one has been nominated for 4 Tony's and the other none. And all I can say about that is,
    that was the story of my life with twin and it caused problems. Ok, not Tony's but everyday

    Nite, Nite, Dear Ones,

  9. Ranigar

    Ranigar Member

    My childhood wasn't spent sitting inside.We were banned from the house and told to go outside.It was safer then it is now.

    Doing better today so it's best to just keep plugging away.DD called yesterday crying in a flare.Same complaints as me.She's in the denial anger stage and refuses any more Drs. or tests.I am letting her take her journey her own way.

    Huz is taking the day off tomorrow to go to Amish country for their yearly sale.They have a nice hardware store their.Woodworking is his hobby and his buddies all go and check out the sales on tools.He usually stuffs his purchases in the garage then the basement shop out of my sight.I could care less.This time I told him I would like to see receipts and waved an expensive clothing catalog in his face.I think he got my point.

    Weather is sunny and nice which improves the mood that and new books.Hair cut and color today.
  10. spacee

    spacee Member

    Pam, good to hear you are a bit better. I can't wait to see your new hair do! :)
    I really feel for your DD and Victoria's son and husband. It is hard enough to have
    one person sick in the family but when it gets to be the kids, it hurts so much.
    Agree, they have to make up their own minds. I sure would not have wanted my
    parents telling me what to do. Just being there to listen means a LOT.

    There is to be a big announcement about CFS tomorrow. I have no idea what.
    I think it is coming from the National Institutes of Health. Maybe its a Mea Culpa?
    Nah, that would be too much for them.

    Doc appt today, as I have mentioned. Realized this am that, it's the worst appt of
    the day 4:30, towards the end of the week, so his brain won't be working well and
    he will be tired. Darn. Oh, well. There will be others :)

    If anyone has any suggestions for easy to digest foods for me to eat Sat, I am open.
    Fish, I think, should be easy. What about desserts? It's crazy. I can't even think
    about the colon thing cause I am so excited about the desserts!! What a brain!

    Pam, meant to ask. Does Huz use the tools he buys? Is he handy around the house?
    Cause if he is, I will be very, very jealous of you. :)

    Sorry to talk so much about GD but I don't have much else going on. DS gets to
    ichat from Kunming. When he is on, she comes running, yelling 'DaddyO". And she
    knows all the Sesame characters by name. One is named Zoe, which is her name...
    she calls her BoBo (What she calls herself). Evidently Zoe is too hard to say.

    Did you who have kids think about their initials when you were picking out names?
    Like, one son's is JAR. I knew that wasn't the best but hoped it wouldn't be a problem.
    I have found one which may be slightly worse RAG. That's my doc's daughter.

    There are so many things to consider in life.....

    Weather here is perfect!!

  11. Ranigar

    Ranigar Member

    You're about to be kind of jealous Linda.Yes he uses the tools and makes furniture even,but it takes forever because he has to do it perfect.Handy around the house but good at starting project after project before completing one.The joke in our family is the beautiful sleigh bed he made GS.A single but by the time completed GS needed a double for wife and him.Great GD has it now so it worked out ha.

    I love grandkid stories.They are better then kid stories because they happen to our kids and we get to watch!

    So cute she can't say Zoe.My sis called my first GS doc because initials were MD.He hates it to this day.I thought it was cute.Other GS has two middle names so is RRJV.He hates it.

    Dr. at 4:30 is not good I agree.Your test is Mon.?

    Computer yet Vic?

    How's the move going Rock?
    Marilyn Monroe{New hair color}
  12. victoria

    victoria New Member

    Pam, You're blonde now? One of my friends recently went blonde for the first time at age 60. I guess she was celebrating...

    Ok since I am blonde, what should I change my hair color to? Somewhere I heard it was kewl to dye blond hair dark and have blonde roots of varying lengths LOL, not sure it's still "in'' as it would look rather weird. Especially if my hair got dyed red, I think? Might look rather psychedelic.

    Yep, have my computer back but I don't believe he really re-installed the english. Power went out for a minute, & when I turned it back on, that black page that asks if you want to proceed as normal was in espánol... plus I can still do accent marks lol... and the solitaire icon on desktop is in spanish.

    But everything else so far is in english. Sheesh. Too much trouble to take it back in at this point....

    I did find out that I cannot install my old (6 yo) Dell printer on here, they don't give a patch/update/whatever for it because it's so old. Grrrrr, I really hate planned obselescence (sp!). Hopefully my old computer that came with that printer can be cleaned/restored to work again, and I can still use it. Otherwise I'm forced to buy a new one I guess.

    Funny about initials. My brother's initials were RCA. I was jealous as a little kid that he had "famous initials". Luckily for my Mom she remembered there was a store in Chicago that just used my initials as its name. The store is no longer there, but I have seen the building downtown with the initials carved into the stone LOL.

    That wealthy Hogg family must've been crazy to name their daughter Ima... never read why they did that to her.

    My neck looks worse today because my skin doesn't like the bandage tape LOL... I think maybe the lesions are not shingles, but, too afraid to not keep throwing the book at it - I'm taking everything from benadryl in case it's allergy to caterpillar to tagamet & valcyte for shingles & immune boosters etc. I think tonight I'll just use gauze on a roll and wrap it around my neck so the cream doesn't wipe off.

    Anyway, I was going to go to a 'happy hour' for English speaking women this afternoon, but, I really look like I'm diseased (not deceased) now.


    **I'm Not Dead Yet (INDY) is the name of a type of fruit fly LOL as they live longer than usual. This is from the Monty Python movie The Holy Grail, where a guy pushing a wheelbarrow calls out, "Bring out your dead," only to discover that one corpse is well enough to shout out, "I'm not dead yet!" over and over. Scientists get to name these things what they want so they can remember distinguishing characteristics LOL. I think I'll make another post about it.

  13. spacee

    spacee Member

    Victoria, consider doing the red that the kids do...that is psychidelic. But I think it is very
    hard on the hair. And I think coloring the hair black like some of the young ones do, is very
    hard to change. FYI!!

    My kids love Monty Python. This is so funny about INDY. Sorry you're looking diseased with
    your poor neck. I'm with you, wouldn't take the chance of it being shingles and stopping the
    meds. Scary.

    It came to my brain that the Hogg family was so wealthy that they wanted everyone to
    know that she was one. Very proud of their money. Sad that they did that.

    So, Pam,you Huz is handy and a perfectionist...I'm so jealous. Waiting a long time for
    finished projects would tax my nerves though. The bed story was quite funny.

    The doc's appt was useless and I have told myself to never make another one at 4:30pm.
    Evidently the patient's had cleared out early, I was the only one left and they were
    giddy with delight on getting out early. So I asked for no labs or anything that would
    delay them. I'm a team player :)

    I hate that planned thingy too where the thing is useless cause they already have its
    replacement on the drawing boards. And I hate what it is doing to our landfills.
    I have a green streak in me.

    Have fun at the party Victoria, we will be thinking of you!!

  14. rockgor

    rockgor Well-Known Member

    No rain yesterday. Supposed to rain today. Hot weather
    coming Sunday. Not the right weather for this time of year.

    In answer to your question about the move, Pam, it is going
    just wretched. I am exhaustinated. My relationship w/ Gordon
    is fraying at the edges. He wants to do everything himself,
    or at least supervise it. There is no way he can work full time
    and get rid of 4 rooms of clutter and get us moved in by
    the end of this month.

    If I were healthier, I'd just move to New Mexico; some
    little town near Tombstone. I HATE living in LA. (I may have mentioned
    this 2 or 40 times in the past.)

    A sleigh bed sounds nice. Here's a site for a photo of
    traditional one:

    I also found some on the net that are allegedly sleigh beds, but
    they must be neo or modified. Look pretty ordinary to me.

    Victoria, your aka Nolika Snow reminded me of the old song
    "Under the Bamboo Tree" which Judy Garland and Margaret
    O'Brien sang in "Meet Me in St. Louis". Opening line is:
    If you lika me, and I lika you.

    Speaking of LA and shingles, the popular Spanish tiles are
    very heavy. Weigh 3-4 times what asphalt shingles weigh.

    W/ re: 2 the other kind of shingles, I had 'em when I was a teen.
    The doctor cured mine instantly. Filled a big syringe w/ blood
    from my arm, then injected it into my maximus gluteus. Voila!
    Singles all gone!

    Yup, gotta pay attention to those names and initials, Spacee.
    My mother's initials were BAD until she married and they
    became BAR. I remember a couple decades back an expectant
    mom telling me she planned to name a boy Jock. I said, "Well,
    you know what the kids will call him." She said, "What?"
    I said, "Ask your husband."

    Speaking of RCA, Victoria, every record company from my
    youth (like RCA, Capitol, Columbia, Angel, Vox, Nonesuch
    London, Decca) is now outta business or part of a huge conglomerate.

    BTW, did you know Ima Hogg had a sister? First name:

    Was looking through the L L Bean catalog last night. You can
    buy a Scottish hat for $50. Looks like a fedora. Guess where
    it's made. You got it: China.

    (That's my middle name. Probably be more apt
    if I changed it to All in.)
  15. victoria

    victoria New Member

    the body type... really, that's what your doc did, Rock? Never heard of that! gotta look it up, if it's been proven to work, gonna send it to a few doctors LOL... Wonder if photoluminescense would also work (where they run your blood under UV light to kill critters circulating). I'm beginning to believe mine were from the caterpillar tho.

    No party, I just looked too awful and anyway too out of it from the benadryl... plus I had to discontinue the Tagamet, it was upsetting my stomach sadly.

    I like fedoras, with deeper brims. What I do not like is they're usually wool/felt, which of course catches every single particle of lint or dog hair in my environment. Of which there is a lot of. I wish there was a way to shape/make one that was made of something that would look as cool but not be a magnet.

    Why Tombstone? It's desert (still), isn't it? Or did they irrigate it. When I visited San Antonio and the Alamo, I couldn't get over the photos from 1800s showing it as pure desert compared to what it looks like now. Same with Taos and Santa Fe. I guess I'm not the only one who prefers more green... and no I'm not Irish either lol.

    Hmmm maybe I could use one of those dyes that are more temporary. I remember when you could buy tints that would wash out over time, so I was a strawberry blonde for a while when I was 14 LOL. No idea what was in it tho. My daughter has very dark-red hair, you only really see it's red in the light, but it looks really good on her. She has a very different complexion than me, looks great with certain colors that I can't wear at all. Not sure if it's the Cornish in her or the Finnish.

    Ura Hogg is supposedly fictional, but, who knows.... but that makes sense about the family pride actually re Ima. Insane, tho.

    Hope your son and family stay safe in China Spacee... good luck with the moving Rock... how are you liking your netbook Pam?... and jan are you continuing making even more earrings for November? I'm excited for you.

    Well, we couldn't figure out how to get the fake cement fireplace to turn into a working fireplace without smoking up the house... so temporarily we installed a chiminea (those things normally used outside on patios in the US) inside the fplc; it fits, even tho it looks rather " Ma & Pa Kettle".

    A shame cuz it's actually a cute chimenea with a sun cast into the top part, but you can't see it. Well, when we can figure out a more permanent and aesthetically pleasing solution, I can always put it in the garden and plant stuff in it lolol...

    Has anyone heard from Jole or Fight or Butterfly or Barry or a few others?

    OK now I have that "I lika you" thing running thru my head, cuz it was used in some other movie that is more recent... keep thinking it was in a funny horror movie like Beetlejuice, but I really cannot remember....


  16. spacee

    spacee Member

    it's moving. Whew. We moved. Huz forgot to get the closets painted (hadnot been in
    40 years), so I went to a friends house with two of the kids for a couple of days. There
    was nothing I could help with anyway.

    She was an unusal friend. Bought everything at yardsales. So her kids could have say 6
    belts. Then when there was a big mess in the house and ppl were coming over, she brought
    out plastic bags and stuffed all the clutter in it. That is when the 4 or 5th belt came in
    handy. Didn't have to go through the bags.

    She liked to keep candy in the house. If the kids got hungry...say at meal time...she just
    handed them a tootsieroll pop. Clever girl. She really had OCD and was always fighting
    the idea in her mind that a needle was in the rug and she needed to look for it. Very
    distracting to normal life. But an halirous sense of humor. I mean bellyaching laughter.

    Jole might be on the Porch. Saw her there the last time I looked which has been awhile.

    Your home sounds really lovely Victoria. Very Spanish/Mexican. Our neighbors across the
    street painted their front door. Trying to make us look bad :) They are meticulous about
    the front porch and door. AND it's a woman's job to clean it and paint it.

    Heard from my UK friend that the BBC announced today there is a ban on all Me/CFS
    patients from donating blood cause they might have a retrovirus like HIV. This comes
    only hours after Wessely (the man who put pscho into ME) was given the highest honor
    the media can bestow. Great timing, BBC!


  17. bct

    bct Well-Known Member

    I'm always here, even if I don't post. I enjoy all of your posts, honestly. I finally got to town for the first time in 4 weeks. I just HAD to go to farmer's market, which will be winding down soon. I enjoyed myself, but was very tired, dizzy, and sweaty. I'm sure you all can relate. Just had to get some fresh toms. and garlic. I also got a jar of pear butter - yum!

    I've been spending the days reading,-- and the nights too. I have no trouble with insomnia -- just the reverse -- I never feel completely awake, although I get 8 hrs, sleep a night, with a nap post lunch. When I took Provigil I fell asleep, haha.

    So when I can I'll post. Still getting used to our new (satellite) computer system and new computer. Computer wears me to a frazzle sometimes; can't spend much time on it.

    I am missing Jole and the others too. Sending them my best wishes.

    Seems like Rock is full of energy. I want mine!

    Love to All,
  18. victoria

    victoria New Member

    Glad to see you around.... I hope things are cooling off up your way by now? LOL it took us a long time to figure out how to reset the TV/satellite/DVD after a power outage, since the outages flip all the settings.... so I heartily empathize.

    I'm still poking around on the computer 'learning' things... just had to figure out how to turn a letter into an attachable pdf from my desktop. Not easy cuz I don't have a working mail program, since I don't have an ISP that gives me one (I use google's services).

    BTW, I remembered finally where else I heard the song, "I lika-you and you lika-me"...
    it was in Steve Martin's 'Man with 2 Brains', with Kathleen Turner. Love that movie!

    RE our house... actually it looks more US/Canadian... post/beam with frame, tho we did pick colors you wouldn't normally find except maybe in S. CA or FL? Mango yellow wall and light minty green on the house.

    But, LOL you would not say our home is lovely right now... it was too hard to turn that fireplace into a real one, so DH got his wish - a chiminea fit into it LOL, the chimney pipe has to be crooked in order to avoid rafters, etc...

    when we finally come up with a permanent solution, it will have a facade, but right now it's an eyesore. At least hopefully we will be warmer tho this winter at night. Days are no problem as it's always at least in mid 60s, rarely less.

    Sighasnora, think I'm off to bed early tonight...

    Hoping some others will check in!
  19. spacee

    spacee Member

    I'm glad to know you are here even when not posting. Sometimes I feel like taking
    a computer vacation and see what kind of energy I might have. But, I never do.

    Glad you hear you got to the farmer's market and enjoyed yourself!!
    That was funny about the Provigil and the nap. Dr. Bell says that we
    can't always count on thing like that and Ritalin keeping us awake! Darn.

    Yes, wonder about Jole and her sister who is ill, but the ruled out the ALS,

    I had my 'cake and eat it too day' today. Tomorrow is the 'clear liquid day'.
    Well, I don't wake up til close to noon, so perhaps it won't be so long.

    I have had my first go at copy and paste! So, let's hope the lesson stuck!
    It was easy enough. It must have been the first time that it was written
    down for me. I don't do well with oral instructions...don't compute.

    Off to bed. I'm sleepy!! Love that!

    Love you all too!

  20. Ranigar

    Ranigar Member

    Many posts on the weekend,that's new and encouraging.Good to hear from you Barry and glad your still visiting.

    Victoria,I'm getting used to my Netbook.Hate the scrolling problem and swear quite regularly but I was at fault for not paying more attention and handing it off to DS to get the new computer.I hope to have it as long as my laptop so it works ok for no more then I use it.I am like Barry and can't stay on long at a time.

    As for the blonde look.I get highlights and she went a little overboard this time so very blonde.She said next time a little darker.I wish I could just go gray and be done with it but the growing out would be awful.Guys do not do this to themselves why do we?

    Requested meal today is chili and hotdogs for football game on TV.Works for me even though I don't care for either.DS made the chili and master griller will cook the dogs.

    Flare ended this morning after a week of misery.I woke up early,we went to breakfast,ran to town to run errands and I'm still awake at noon.Whoo hoo.

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