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    Hi, I'm so sorry you are also in this kind of pain. Remind me what is causing your pain. I'm sorry I can't remember, is it FM or surgery, arthritis?

    I am joining you in prayer because the Lord did say, if two or more are joined in agreement there he will be also and I feel his presence so strong this morning and his urging to send this prayer to you. He is reminding me this morning that he does listen, he does care,he does love, and he does heal.

    Lord thank you that you are with us, that you love us and that you can and do heal us. Lord we seek you and because of that you draw near. Your arms are around us and you are with us through everything. Thank you for your mercies and love and we ask that in your time and your way sixtyslady and I WILL be healed. You know your plans for us and they are far beyond what our minds can conceive. Yor ARE with us. Amen

    I am praying you have a peaceful and pain free day Sixtys.
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    sorry I just now checked the message pain is from fibro.
    Many yrs of it.
    hope your feeling less pain today.I"m about the same.I know God,s healing touch will help the both of us,but Gods timing is not the same as ours ,so I guess thats why its so hard to hang in there sometimes.
    but my Dear I"ll pray for you tonight that we will both have a peaceful night and a healing tomorrow. and just be able to feel Gods presents with us.

    Blessings sixtyslady
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    for me last night and I hope they were for you. I'm just checking the boards now and saw your response. I pray you had a good night too. It took me a while to get comfortable enough to fall asleep, but once I did I slept through until 5:30 a.m., that's a good night for me.

    It feels so comforting to see God work, isn't it. I can't explain it because I guess there are just no words that would do it justice.

    I pray for comfort for both of us today and God's touch.
    Take Care

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    so glad you had a better night,I think I may have done alittle better also.the pain has lessened today,but still there.
    I will stand strong in my prayers for the both of us to recover from this pain.and thank you so much for praying for me. theres power in unified prayer.
    I"m so happy that your doing better,stand strong on your faith and I will stand strong beside you in my faith.
    Praise God. Hugs sixtyslady