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    You go right ahead and vent, and then pray. Will pray for you and your situation with grandson also.

    I hope (pray) your heart remains open to his parents, and you don't let bitterness take ahold.

    Did they ever try helping their son out in the beginning??
    If he has always been a difficult child, and they haven't been trusting on and relying on the Lord.

    There hearts may have just shut down to him??

    My oldest child is what you could call a "button-pusher" and somedays my heart becomes so hard toward him. Because it's painful, and i go to God, and just pour it out to him.
    How can this child that i gave birth to, a gift from you, that i love soo much; cause me sooooooo much anger!!!

    Well, maybe God is trying to teach me to control my anger, and not to react to it. Children cause us to grow, and grow-up ourselves!!! LOL

    I'm glad the Lord is there to help me love my child and my husband, and give me hope when it looks bleak.

    By the way, this child, can also be such a blessing to me at time too and just plain wonderful, but i would miss that part if i stayed hard hearted.

    Praise the Lord!!

    I pray that the Lord will give you and your husband wisdom and guidance in helping out your grandson, and loving him.

    That you would know when to say "yes" and when to say, "no". And i pray that his parents would soften their hearts toward there child. That this child would grow-up, and be responsible young man, who knows that he is loved, by his family and God.

    In Jesus's name,

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    thank you so much,Michael just called me and he got a job here in our town,2nd shift he's so excited,he goes to work this afternoon, I told him I can drop him off at 2;30.its about a 4 mile drive from our house and on a main highway,he has to work until 1 in the morning,he said Grams I"ll just walk home and go in the motorhome and sleep.
    I called my hubby and he said tell Michael he"ll set his alarm and pick him up at 1 in the morning,we don"t want him walking along a main hwy that late.
    michael just said he didn't want Grandpa to have to do that, but Grandpa will until he can find a ride home with someone who works there.
    so I'm headed to walmarts to pick him up some snacks so he"ll have something when he gets off work.
    our motorhome has everything in it,already so he will have everything else he needs.its a older one but we use it when we trail ride and show the horses,it really helps me when we"re at horse shows I can go in and lay down when I get tired and hot in the summer.
    Its well broke in and has boots and western hats all over even a saddle once in awhile.we always let all the kids we know at the horse shows use it to dress in for their different classes.
    thank you so much and please keep praying for Michael to stay on the right track. Hes battling many demons right now but I know that with Gods help he can make it.
    blessings sixtyslady
  3. morningsonshine

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    Bless you, praying Michael continues to make the right choices, and really understands and values the love you and your husband are extending to him. That he knows that he is blessed in Jesus.

    Man, if we could all just understand, truly how much God loves us. Wow!! I continue to struggle with that myself.

    "It's not who i am, but who He is.
    Not what i've done, but what He did."


  4. sixtyslady

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    Grandparents,I remember how important my Grandma was in my life,she taught me so much.I have her old rocking chair in my living room ,my hubby had it redone for me about3yrs ago.
    I still miss her and shes been gone for yrs.I guess thats why I try so hard for Michael,this boy has had alot of disappointments in his young life.aren"t we suppose to love one another and try to lend a helping hand?
    I hope I live long enough to see him become the fine Godly Man I know in my heart he can be. Blessings sixtyslady

    thank you for taking the time to help a old lady get through some very rough days. God Bless you Dear.

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