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    to update everyone on our grandson. And I apologize, because I know many of you were praying for him. Well, those prayers worked. It really did take a while for the tests to be done and read. We now know that his heart seems fine, ears, kidneys, just his little fingers will be different...but he will never know the difference, other than seeing that they are. Hopefully kids won't be too cruel through the years. Thank you so much for the prayers, sj, thank you for reminding me!
    My daughter with the problems, still has the problems. She is just waiting her chance to get away, safely. Still praying for her.
    Now you can say some prayers for me if you would. We are leaving tomorrow for a quick get away. Spring break here. Our 15 year old son will be with us..going to see an aquarium that is quite large here in the state, up in the north area. If we leave early, I should handle the drive ok. Only an hr. drive. We'll sleep over one, will have a room I can go rest in if need to. I feel like I need to get away and do something different. Hope I don't ruin it for the others and lag behind, but they know it could be. I love my family's understanding.
    Well, thanks again, sj...
    Julie, hope you are doing better? Ever think of steroids, just for a short time to see if they give any relief? Just a thought, not sure how you feel about them.
    Love to all of you,
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    Oh, I'm so glad to hear the results of your little Grandson's tests! I was so concerned about his hearing, and heart and kidneys. Thank God they are all right! Do you get to see him often?

    I think the most important thing is that foundation of love in the early years.

    Saying a prayer for your trip tomorrow - that you might enjoy all you can, and accept if you need to rest. That helps me if I'm not fighting too hard, or pushing too hard after a certain point. May God bless your day with your son and rest of family!

    (SJ - forgive me for jumping in here ahead of you. )
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    Oh Cynthia, that is so wonderful to hear the good news about your precious grandson. Yes, I'd been wondering and so glad to hear of the clearance from all the possible problems. He will be fine with those fingers, I'm sure! Kids seem to be more aware and accepting of others nowadays, let's hope that's the case.

    That's harder to hear about your daughter but will pray for took a year of planning for me to get away safely. I hope it will be soon for her-- been nearly five years for me (and four years since the divorce went through).

    Oh I hope you have lots of fun at the aquarium. I got to go to the one in Atlanta GA when it opened in "05. It was amazing. There were benches all over the place and when I needed to lay down I parked myself on a bench and let the others go ahead. I remember spending quite a bit of time watching the beluga whales from one bench and the black footed penguins at another "rest"...your family sounds so aware of your needs. I don't think lagging should be a concern. Yes, you do need to do something different and that sounds exciting. Tell us about it when you get back! About to fall asleep have fun tomorrow and don't forget your camera!


    Windblade, no need to worry, I'm so glad you responded since I didn't even see this right away...I know this was for all here--I bet she put a lot of smiles on faces tonight w/ that good news.
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    My camera!! I don't have that on my list to take. It's a good thing I came back on tonight. SJ, why don't you just come right on over and move in with us. When my fibro fog is bad, I'll go to you. When yours is bad..if you have come to me...sounds like a plan!! :))
    And Wind, I will be looking for the rest benches..great idea.
    rain, you know I don't mind you posting to me. Thank you for the heart felt concern for our little guy. I will give an update...will be doing some shopping at a Factory outlet tomorrow. I could use some new clothes. On Sat...the under water beauty.
    My camera, and I have a new one to try out, I would have been so mad at myself...going on the
    Thanks again, Cynthia
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    Boy it's a ghost town here today...everybody out enjoying the wonderful weather?

    Cynthia, I hope you had a fabulous time...of course I had to mention the camera, as I forgot mine and the disposable ones were ridiculously expensive in the gift shops...tell us about it when you get back/recover. HOpe you made use of any benches, lol! The night you wrote this I dreamed of beluga whales and beautiful jellyfish...that was soooo pleasant, so thank YOU!

    Oh and hope you found some new clothes..that's always fun. And then home sweet home to recover. Good night from Ohio!

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    Spent the day reading and napping...hurting today. We did have dinner out tonight though that was nice.

    Dozn...hope you had a good trip and I am so sorry that I didn't visit earlier with my own hurrays for the good news about your grandson. Yeah!! Yeah for the whole family.


    Anyone else missing Rafi?? I sure am!!