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    Hoping you are ok and not too overwhelmed by the overwhelming!

    Be good to you and please get lots of help!

    Holding a good thought and a ton of admiration for you!

    with much metta!
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    I've never made a secret of my hippie past. I feel really privileged to be part of my generation. I got in on the tail end of things - I'm 56 - but really made the most of it. There was a Canadian festival with just the same vibe as Woodstock. It was called Strawberry Fields. I lived in city communes - several of us lived together in a old house. I wore long skirts and peasant blouses or hip hugging bell bottom blue jeans, halter tops and and Indian water buffalo sandals. I burned incense and smelled of patchouli oil. I had long hair parted in the middle. I played the tambourine because I was not musical enough to play anything else. I believed in alternative education and lived, for a while, in an educational experiment here called Rochdale. I became a Child Care Worker and believed that the world could be much better than it was. My first husband was a draft dodger from Chicago who was at the Democratic National Convention. I bought Steal This Book. I lit matches at concerts and believed the world could live in Peace! I have never wished on a birthday cake or a star for anything else. I am a total cliche, a product of my time, and proud of it!

    I went a little crazy in the 80s following my hysterectomy and had a brief flirtation with yuppiness: designers, collecting antiques and covetousness - filling up the big empty place with stuff. Doesn't work. I straightened (some might say bent) myself out at the end of the 80s but I'm not crunchy granola - no socks and Birkenstocks for me - I'm an all black all the time, including the glasses, kind of alternative woman now. Although, in the summer I can still be found in blue jeans, Indian tops and sandals.

    I can't rule out being a shaved head Buddhist nun one day. If not, then a very eccentric old lady in purple.

    Surprised? I think it would be so much fun if we all described ourselves like this! Who's next???

    AND, how happy are we that Cookie is home?!

    I really hope this actually did distract you just a little, dear SJ!

    Peace out,

    ETA Gee, I hope that everyone who just got used to the fact that I'm a Buddhist aren't thrown by the fact that I'm also more than a little counter culture! Some of my best friends are very traditional! [This Message was Edited on 03/30/2009]
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    Your friend is in Florida! A few weeks - oym! She really sounds like a good friend. It must be very difficult that she is away. I don't know what the time line is for this. Can you take a bit of a rest now. I really hope so. I really, really hope so!

    Of course, no mother of three kids every really gets much of a rest. You are off to the mall instead of off to bed! You're such a good and loving mother. Your kids are very, very lucky.

    Please arrange to rest some will ya!!!

    Peace to you and yours,
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    Saja - what a good friend she sounds like....driving you around and must be such a pillar of moral support. I hope everything goes well this week and the outcome is good. Yes, there is no such thing as 'rest' for a mom of three..if we're not doing things for the kids, we're thinking of them. But 'time out' is so important, to reenergize so we can do the things we have to do, the best way we can.

    Rafiki - you a flower child...I can hardly imagine..and yet i can...all i can say is you have truly lived a full life passionately in the manner you thought right at any given moment in time....Ive done the parents were very lenient...but i was such a prig..and very old fashioned...when my younger cousin (dads side) spoke about my fashion sense, she told me she remembers i was always but always wearing dark sombre shades, navy, grey, brown and very classic cut clothes from the time she remembers my late teens to the 20s. Even by choice, i gravitated towards unobstrusive shades. (I wore a lot of hand me downs) I suppose i was tryhing to 'hide' from everyone.

    Deb - so good to hear about Cookie.

    Lights abut to go so..

    God Bless everyone here

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    Oh Rafiki you sound just like me. I was really involved in the antiwar movement with our marches and boycotts (still don't buy grapes) I did this while wearing my halter tops and patched jeans, and you guessed it, smelling like Patchouli oil.

    As yes, Strawberry fields, I heard of your festival. Loved the song. I didn't get to Woodstock either. To this day I wish I would have but I was too young also.

    I now have shoulder length hair and am not as radical. Still wear the jeans though, everyday but court days.

    I NEVER wore makeup then, but now I have it tattooed on! What a sell out. : )

    I too have often thought that when (if) I reach 70 I am growing my hair out to braid down my back, shucking my shoes and wearing ankle length purple dresses.

    Oh yeah, I still love old rock and roll too. Break out my old LP's all the time; Janis, Jimmy, even Buffalo Springfield.

    Ok SJ my Dear, this is probably more than a youngster like you wanted to know.


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    From the netherlands huh? Be glad you escaped. I haven't been out that way in ages. Mostly I think folks pass through there on their way to somewhere else, like California.

    I want to go to Big Bend camping this summer. South and west of your birthplace. Can't do it on the Harley like my boyfriend wants to though. It hurts me just to think of it.

    I was raised in the northeast and Europe. My Dad retired in San Antonio and I haven't lived more than an hour away since.

    Someday I am making my way back to Austin though. I live in the country now and have for 25 years. Might keep this place for weekends and move to the big city.

    I miss being around people like me.

    How'd you break out of west Texas?

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    I am picturing you eating pill bugs and howling at the moon. : )

    Yes an Army brat. Quite a life. It's like the whole family signed up huh? You live the life but with no rank.

    I'll bet going to high school in Holland was fantastic. We did visit there and it was beautiful.

    My kids want to go to Amsterdam and I want to go with them.

    Yeah San Angelo is way out there.

    Where'd you finally land?

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    I see female bonding going on ~ yes!

    I just got a wonderful gift from Texas. A marvelous woman just had a Texas supplier of Cedar Oil (great for mite fighting) send me a bucket! It came all the way from Leakey which sounds very exotic to me. She is as kind as kind can be, literally, so I feel extremely well disposed towards Texans!

    And, I have been to Amsterdam because Schiphol Airport is a stopover for so many destinations. Amsterdam is a great place to spend a day on your way to wherever and there is a great train from the airport to downtown.

    Yes, Strawberry Fields was fantastic. My mother told me throughout my childhood that I would be emancipated at 18. I turned 18 the day the festival began. Happy birthday me!

    The link is the CBC news report and you can see why whenever I watch the movie of Woodstock I really feel like I was there. On the ground they were very similar.

    Peace out,

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    No lawyers, huh? Ohm!

    I'm not in the new item, don't think. Not sure I would recognize 18 year old me even if I were. Pretty sure I wouldn't actually.

    Yeah for my great Texan friend, huh?! She's the best!

    Peace out,
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    hey, it changed! No need to explain.

    I don't know if you are speaking to me or the other old hippie but I did see Oprah today. Dystonia looks absolutely exhausting! I just kept thinking how exhausting it must be to keep moving. It must just wear a body out!

    Titling must be very annoying no matter any vanity issues. It must be exhausting to tilt, too. We are designed with very little margin for error. I am very grateful not to tilt. What she said about the cane was very interesting. It's like people think we are doing odd things on purpose or as a result of some foolishness on our part if they don't see some recognizable sign of disability. It's like people are trying to make sense of things and need a clue. I don't tilt but sometimes, not all the time, my balance sucks and I will stagger. If I'm trying to stand still, I can stagger several feet to my right. I look drunk. I get embarrassed. Silly.

    You are a beautiful woman and if someone can't see that just tell them to tilt with you and they'll get it! If they can't tilt with you, well, who needs 'em! But, I didn't hear anyone today say that these things didn't bother them, just that they are up to the challenge of overcoming it... a moment at a time. Nobody said it was easy.

    Have you read Michael J Fox's book? I bet it's excellent. He just seems like a great guy. Canadian, you know ;o) I remember when he was just a little snip of a kid on a Canadian kid's show. It was a very cheesy show and I wasn't a kid but he was so engaging that I would stop and watch him if I was going through the channels (all 10 of them in those days:eek:) looking for something to watch.

    Yes, dear SJ, I think you and I could discuss divinity with no trouble at all. I am finding learning about your faith far more interesting than I would have thought. I had so many more misconceptions that I would have thought, too. So many! Makes me think about how little time we take, in the world at large, to really learn about each other and how many completely erroneous notions we have and don't realize. An important lesson for me! Thanks for that along with all else.

    I often think about everything you're going through and I remain in awe of you. That you are not screaming is a wonder in itself. I don't think you realize how remarkable you are. I think you think I overestimate you but I would suggest that, if anything, I probably underestimate you and still I think you are heroic!

    I guess what I find most remarkable is that your sweet nature remains no matter the provocation. No, I don't think you are always sunny because that would be kinda creepy. I assume you have some very, very dark times but there is a light (there it is again) in you that is evident all the time. You show such willingness to find a reason to smile in the face of whatever is thrown your way. Tilty or no, you are beautiful and loving and brave. If I were there I would just tilt with you!

    Your admiring friend,
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    hallelujah Rain!

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    I am enjoying getting to know "ya'll". We can be so different and yet so similar huh?

    I will look at the video of your rock festival Rafiki, I do like watching the Woodstock movie. How about that Country Joe and his Fish cheer? lol

    Ohio SJ, I see. Pretty country. My sister used to live in western Pa. and we went to Ohio to shop for something, can't recall just what. Don't know the hippie group but of course I've heard of Antioch.

    SJ I am understanding that you are having some difficulties involving the legal system right now and I would like to offer my help to you. I do have quite a bit of experience in criminal justice.

    If you want just let me know and we can go somewhere and talk. At the very least I am a good listener.

    Seems to me that you have an admirer in Rafiki and I don't think it's too hard for any of us to imagine that she is a stanch supporter of yours and a valued friend.

    Friendship is a spiritual relationship.

    I saw parts of Oprah and the woman that tilted. SJ I'll bet you are beautiful and that the people that count in your life see that.

    I have cervical torticolis, which means in my situation, that the muscles on the side of my neck stick out like a turtle. Sounds attractive huh? It's not.

    I also do the Texas two step like Rafiki but I'm not dancing either. I know people think "whoa Vivian has taken too many pain meds." Embarrassing.

    I have to re-think my negative self talk and replace it with positive statements. Changing how we perceive life's events can effectively change our feelings about them.

    BTW Rafiki we use that oil on our legs to keep off ticks and fleas. If I am going camping I will add it to my bath water the night before. Peppermint oil works well too.

    Good night ladies.


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    Sometimes more time is just more time to fret. Sometimes adrenaline drives us in circles.

    Breathe... that's all, just breathe in this moment right now which is just fine.

    Many people in your situation have not done half as much work as you have done.

    Breathe... that's all, just breathe in this moment right now which is just fine.

    You will be best prepared if you are rested and have the energy to listen and communicate tomorrow.

    Breathe... that's all, just breathe in this moment right now which is just fine.

    Now, I bet you cheated last time and did not read and did not breathe but probably just went: blah, blah, blah...

    Breathe... that's all, just breathe... slowly

    Breathe... unclench... let go... slowly... breathe... slowly... in this moment right now which is just fine.

    Sigh and close your eyes for as long as you want. Do it now... sigh...

    Breathe... slowly... it's all good... you are strong and in all the ways that matter. Breathe... slowly... in this moment... let go... unclench... breathe...

    You're so fine. You don't have to do everything all by yourself. You are not necessarily better off when you're all revved up, as you know.

    The mother lion does not get frantic, ever. You are the mother lion. The mother lion is very Zen.

    She gets centered. She gets focused.

    She breathes in strength and she breathes out peace.

    She feels her power.

    Woe betide those who don't understand how quietly powerful she is.

    You are the mother lion.

    You're so fine!


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    Just a quite moment to say hi...everyone is home this week for spring break and I have been busier than usual.

    I want in on the descriptions of us, but not tonight. We are expecting guests, I look like a train, no, don't argue-I really do!!

    Back to dinner...

    Nighty, night, sleep well!

  15. Rafiki

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    And, she sleeps! She sleeps stretched out in the sun. Sleep is very important.

    Breathe in strength and breathe out peace... slowly...

    Smile, breathe and go slowly.
    Thich Nhat Hahn

    and me,
  16. springwater

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    that breathe para was beautiful; I could put this in an audio cd and!

    Saja - oh what a sweet photo! What a beautiful family you were. And that place was lovely too. The hill rising behind you. Your school sounds interesting..with all those international students. More exposure to different cultures i guess.

    And Rafiki with all her experiences travelling around the world....imbibing different cultures...I feel my experiences have been so a way. Thank goodness for Discoverys Travel and Living and books! haha. I still think of the elephant who she bumped into and who sought her out later, crashing through the brush and towards her lodgings...i think it was only natural, i have always felt elephants are so good and gentle and .....wise.

    Debra I hope the get together/entertaining thing goes off well...Im grateful Im not having to do any of that right now, I am like a zombie yesterday especially...Im feeling sleepy ALL the time! weird what all forms depression takes. But lets see, today feel better. I think i will see if i have enough energy to have a go at the bathrooms. They really need a heavy duty cleaning.

    Saja, yes looking at & handling real live tulips would be awesome. Good luck for your upcoming lawyers meeting. You are truly strong. A mother lion looking out for herself and her cubs.

    Oh and Thich Nhat Hahn is the name of a very noted Vietnamese Buddhist monk who was shortlisted for the Nobel Peace Prize. He radiates gentleness and peace.

    Cynthia, Rain - hello....

    God Bless

  17. Rafiki

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    Hi Deb! So happy, still, about Cookie!

    Hi Rain who is so quietly wonderful! None know what you are doing and you say nothing. You are so good! You are sooo good!

    My dear Spring! How good to see you! I think of you so often. I think of you when I read the news, when I get my updates from your part of the world, when I study and, now, along with everyone else, when I see tulips! I do hope you have more energy today! If not, I hope you have a soft bed and a good book!

    SJ. Waiting and hoping. Thinking good thoughts! Trusting your strength even when you feel you cannot.

    Peace out, Ladies,

  18. Sacajawea2

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    Well, now...this lawyer, a fine Greek man, knows his went good, it went not so good...he'll take me on if I want him, but it will be a fight. I can't think of anything else but to fight...his words about my ex were that this man is half off his rocker, but smarter than the average bear and dangerous--I haven't been able to speak on here of some of what he's done mentally to my son especially, yet they thrive...but they fear him like I health is not in my corner, that's for sure.
    My closest friend went with me and after we went to a GREEK restaurant...I'm stuffed and will rest up a bit and gather my thoughts. Why can't anything ever be easy? there's no question in his mind the kids are doing just fine with me now...but he's got to disprove the accusations. $$$....that's what it comes down to. And my divorce attorney was afraid of the x or intimitdated and got away with too much. I was too afraid for my life to go back after him and that could end up hurting me, possibly.
    But this man is smart, hard working and I was able to look him up before hand and see some of his he's what I need.Oh, and he said I got the best magistrate for the pretrial, the most fair of them all...that will be on my side.
    I'll just keep praying..and breathing :)...Rafiki, that made me soooo sleepy yesterday! i did sleep well last night, just woke up super early.

    PS I'll tell you where Rain is...out planting trees...yep, I am telling on her...and still ever helpful, let me tell you. I call her wonder woman! Trees!!!

    PPSI emailed my oldest/dearest friend (known her since 10 years old) about my visit and what lawyer said and this is part of what she wrote:

    " I know your kids are thriving….better than in most two-parent homes and better than most upper-class rich homes. The fact that their grades are so good, and the musical instrument-playing, and C’s winning state! Come on! Any judge should be able to see that. "
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  19. Sacajawea2

    Sacajawea2 Member

    He called me back to let me know he'd be willing to reduce his fee for a deposition (about 20 hours of time) if that would help-- as he feels it's necessary to get into his head and find out where he's coming from, as well as "evidence"-- then he can't bring up anything new. He said if I had the money we'd be able to have him put away...and he said if he didn't think he could win, he wouldn't want to take it (but feels a deposition is necessary).

    I'm feeling pretty good dear friend put herself out there for me, as her health is kaput...but we had a good time and the weather was perfect. Now it's about to storm so glad it waited!

    Love you all,

    Did I tell you ex managed to convince son to postpone college for a year? Yes, I'm not sure what's behind that (child support or possibly moving out of state if he wins) or just cuz he's w/o a conscience and crazy...
  20. Rafiki

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    It sounds like he's pretty confident. Lawyers have to be confident to offer to take any kind of cut in fee.

    What does Rain say when she's not planting trees? Planting trees?! Way to go, Rain!

    SJ, I just don't think any judge would remove custody or support from a successful mother of thriving children just because she has an illness. That would be some pretty crazy stuff... on the part of the judge.

    Breathe, smile and go slowly...