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    How cute is that?..your profile picture. Love those big chickens. You were a cutie.
    I don't know how to put a picture on there, but I do believe that my camera will plug in..or something..I will learn. It can't be that hard, says my kids..
    Now you know, I will have to decide which one will be named George. I'm not kidding! I have to tell my husband and Austin about my sharing on here, and that I came up with a name..a boys name for a hen. Maybe we could name her...Georgia. :)
    Didn't get on here yesterday. Going to go read now.
    Oh, Lydia, didn't know you lived on a farm..lucky you! I would love to. My husband tells me we have a mini one now. lol...
    Love, Cynthia
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    That bit about hugging and petting and squeezing is from a Looney Tunes cartoon...a yeti and daffy duck and Buggs bunny...found a youtube clip but meds are kicking in and I'm sooo sleepy! I'll post the short clip tomorrow.

    How many hens to you have? You could name them Lyida, and Rainbow, Rafiki...Jamin, lol...wouldn't that be a trip...the prohealth chickens! Then you could NEVER eat them! 120 acres...what do you have on it? Is it actively farmed or rented out or any forest or pastures or what? How amazing for you to have all that! How long does it take you to do your mowing, lol??? I know Rain has a ton of it.

    I'm hoping you all can figure out how to post the photos. Julie, is the resolution (size) of what you wish to post too large? I noticed that's a problem for some of the photos.

    I think I was 17-18 mos old in that pic, just about Keira's age! I was born with so much hair my mom said I looked like a monchichi doll!

    Okay, getting ready to sleep.


    Poor fella...this is a short 1 minute clip of "George" getting loved and hugged and squeezed...[This Message was Edited on 05/03/2009]