Sjorgens Syndrome

Discussion in 'General Health & Wellness' started by ChazII, Jun 8, 2003.

  1. ChazII

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    Hi there, I have been researching and trying to beat a number of health troubles. I have FMS, RA,High Blood Pressure, Sjorgens Syndrome, Cancer, and ANA. Needless to say a few of these I have had a hard time finding data on some, and none on others. One of the hardest for me is the SS. All I know is my eyes are constantly dry, and I lose sight regularly, I have had to break down to not driving any more because of this. I was told by my Rhumatologist that I had to get a chest x-ray annually bacause of the SS, and I am real curious as to why. Please understand I just found this board, and have had these diagnosis' for over 16 years, since I was a teen. I still know as much about this one as I did back then. Help. Charlie
  2. bbmelton2003

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    Charlie, I know some of what you are experiencing. My sight was seemingly getting worse and I went to the doctor and was told my cornea's were like sandpaper due to dryness. He recommended an OTC cream, Lacri-Lube Ointment. It can be purchased at Walmart. I have had some problems geting it so when I find it, I stock up. There have been other creams, etc. recommended, but this is the very best for me. Hope it works for you. Good Luck. Barb
  3. linda2

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    hi i have sjorgens this was a hard illness to find out about i have dry eyes and dry mouth ( spit cotton)i use eye drops and it is real important to see dentist and let them know because this really will cause major dental problems if not taken care of i also take salagrens 10mg four xday it seems to help

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