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    I have had Fibrolyalgia and CFS for quite awhile. Was diagnosed a little over a year ago. A few months ago my fingers became swollen and stiff and I can no longer wear my rings. Fingers become very painful and swollen during the night. I always wake up unable to curl my fingers to make a fist. As the day goes on I am never as sore or stiff, but fingers are still very swollen. I recently had a test for arthritis and it came back negative. My G. P. said it was due to the fluid around finger joints, and to soak my hands first in ice water and then very hot water several times. This didn't help at all. HELP

    It's a mystery!!!!!!!!!!!!
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    I had that problem with my fingers/hands swelling when I woke up, probably during the night.

    I started taking Pro Energy (Malic Acid and Magnesium Glycinate), its not completely gone, but its not as bad.

    Heres something that might help, soak your hands in a small bottle of peroxide and a couple of tablespoons of Epson Salts in a container of warm water. See if this helps.

    I quit wearing rings to bed. I had trouble a few times getting them off! I just wear them when I go out now.

    Take care.................


    PS. I wrote a post in reference to Lynda B. You are safe with giving her your eaddress, I know her for a couple of years here on the board.
    She will be a big help with information on what you were asking about. She is a nice lady.