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    A Couple of yrs. ago we exchanged Cancer/Fibro info. I hope all went well for you. If you are still checking this site and see this post.......Please let me know. OR if anyone else knows, I would appreciate hearing about SKBunny.

    I had been concerned back then of going through the treatments on top of having FIBRO/CFIDS......could I handle it?

    Well, Yes I could and did. Drs, says that many have some relief of our inane illness, while doing Chemo/Radiation. I myself did. The treatment, although not easy, was so much easier to cope with then Fibro/Cfids.

    My tumor (breast) was the size of a small orange......and so far, no further problems. I get regular check ups and all. But my fibro/cfids is worse now. I really do not think the cancer nor the treatments contributed to it. Just 20 yrs. of all and getting older......

    I hope SKBUNNY is Okay......Blessings...........Susan
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    Hi Susan,

    I myself do not rember SKBunny but if you type in her UN - SKBunny in the search box you will find some of her posts. I just did so and found one that someone mentioned that she was in remission. These posts were made in 2007.

    I hope that this has helped you. I do think I remember your UN Sues1. Welcome back and hope you are doing OK and that you do not have many after effects from the CA. Stay well !! I can't imagine CA along with CFIDS and FM/ Either of the previous is bad enough, I know.

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    Thanks......I now remember that I was concerned that I could not handle it all. I did see 4 different Cancer Drs. at first. One that I thought I would go with, I asked that question, what would I do if I could not handle it all? I meant what options did I have, etc.? She became irritated at that question. like I was exgrating the CFIDS/FIBRO "stuff" I did not hire her.
    All easy? No. But Granny When I went through the chemo and all, I had less Fibro pain. Drs. and nurses in the cancer field said that they hear that often. I tell all that this should be investigated and maybe we would find an answer to some relief. I would rahter go through the treatments then to have this Fibro pain and all, day and night and all the time.

    I remember you and as I remember you are so thoughtful and kind to everyone. I enjoy your postings.

    Do you remember a Suzanne or Suzan......I do not know the exxact name she used. She left her husband and would tell us of her plans and as she moved to another state to stay at her sons. I really liked her and would love to know how she is doing. There was not anything from her for some time before I stopped being on this site.

    Blessings and Thanks........Susan