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    I had my first appointment today and am impressed so far. I took all my labs and supplements from the FFC. They really liked all the labs the FFC does at first-except FFC tested for metals with blood and LaValle said they could only be detected with a urine test. Some of the supplements I have are good and some are not so good in their opinion. I have 3 take home tests to do, one is for adrenals with saliva and urine, one is for metals with urine, and one is for iodide with urine.

    Everyone in their office was very nice. Pam and Jim were great!! They don`t like how FFC does my thyroid meds so they are going to re-formulate and have Jungle Jim`s Pharmacy compound them. I guess all my compounded rx`s will be done at JJ now.

    I so happy I saw your post and inquired about LaValle. Thank-you so much!!! I`m sure to save money and get great care right here at home!

    Thanks Again! Marmar

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