Skelaxin anyone?

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by Elda, Jul 26, 2003.

  1. Elda

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    skelaxin ?? 07/25/03 07:25 PM

    After "peeking" in here for a couple of weeks, I have a question that I can't seem to find much information on. Today my Rheumy confirmed that I have RA, which I have suspected for a little while. I also think FM which 2 docs sayd yes and last one says he's not sure. He has put me on Celebrex and also Skelaxin. I have searched far and wide for info on the muscle relaxer Skelaxin, to no avail. I just wondered if anyone else has tried this medicine and what the results were if you have. All my searches only came up with those darn meds for sell .com things! No information that I could actually use. Thanks all...and you have wonderful message boards!
  2. KayL

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    Welcome Elda. My neurosurgeon preferred that and Robaxin over Soma for some reason. My personal experience was that while it was better than nothing at all, it wasn't nearly as effective as Soma. I know that many docs don't like to prescribe Soma for various reasons, but for me, it's the one that works, period. Maybe they work in different ways in the body, I don't have that much knowledge of individual meds, but I would have to take 2 of them for results, and taking 1 Soma works better for me.

    There was a brief period several years ago when I was taking Celebrex, when it really did help me, but that was when my back issues were the major problems I was dealing with; now none of the anti inflam meds help me.

    Good luck!

  3. ladybird1

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    I have been prescribed Skelaxin a few times. It hardly does anything for drinking water. I tried a's OK. Right now I've been on Soma for over a
    year. It works pretty well.
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    My doc gave me this stuff last year.He toold me that you could take this kind of muscle relaxer all day if you needed,won't make you sleepy. Well I was suppose to take about 6 a day and I never did.They did nothing for me
    except make me have very bad and vivid dreams.
    I couldn't figure out how something was suppose to relax your muscles without making you sleeeeepy anyways.
    Just wasn't meant to b 4 me-Donna
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    I used Skelaxin years ago to no avail. I can't remember who prescribed it, I think my rheumy, but a later doctor told me it was "very mild" & suggested Zanaflex instead. Didn't like the side effects from that one, but then my body doesn't seem to care for the side effects from most drugs.

    Good luck, I hope you do find something or a combination that gives you some relief from RA/FM.

  6. NutsInAlabama

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    though I have given it a better chance than some meds since I am running out of choices due to allergies

    I have RA and OA and this did less for me than robaxin alone which I take with darvocet and they seem to "kick" each other in for minimal relief. On worse days I have to go with something stonger like lortab and soma.

    Wishing you pain free days
    love and hugs