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  1. stillafreemind

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    Hi..was wondering if anyone has any experience with this or can give me any info or insight into it.

    Thank you .. Sherry
  2. KayL

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    Sherry, I've taken Skelaxin in the past. The only muscle relaxers my neurosurgeon uses are Skelaxin and Robaxin. While I did get *some* relief from both of those meds years ago, I personally find that Soma now works much better for me.

    The one thing I noticed about Skelaxin is that it did NOT initially make me tired/sleepy when I was first taking it, as opposed to the Soma, which did (but no longer does). However, I'm sure that's an individual thing; my sister took it and it knocked her out.

    Have you been prescribed Skelaxin?

  3. stillafreemind

    stillafreemind New Member

    Gee..thank you so much for answering! I appreciate it. Yesterday my doc offered it to me..and I said I would think about it. I am in one of those points in time that my muscles are getting so tight..they are almost like locked in..ya know? She was wanting me to take the med so I could get them unknotted and start back at ground zero.

    I have had this for many many years, and have .. by the grace of God..been able to grit my teeth and get by with an occassional Valium. I did get a refill for it..but she really wanted me to try the muscle relaxer.

    I just do not get along very well with meds. So..for me to even think about trying this..well, I must be getting older(G)..cause I am really tempted.

    Thanks again. ..Sherry
  4. faith30

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    My new internist put me on skelaxin and bextra. I take skelaxin three times a day and bextra once a day. The skelaxin helps me to stay relaxed, but it also makes me sleepy. I'm on 400mg. Have you heard of bextra?
  5. IngyW68

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    I take Oxycontin 20mg for the pain and then the Skelaxin or Flexeril at night for the muscle stiffness and to help me sleep. They seem to help really well with no side effects for me except morning grogginess. But, that is a usual symptom.

    My Ortho Dr. gave me samples of the Bextra but when I came home and researched what it was on Web MD, there was a BIG warning about terrible, life threating side effects. It is a new medicine and I decided to wait until there are more trials done on this since it's only been out 8 months.

    Not to freak anyone out or to say it won't work for people, and there are side effects with each medicine, but I didn't feel like adding something to my stomach that I don't know what it will do. Also, many insurances won't cover for this medicine as well.
    Hope this helps.

    Take care.