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  1. suesue49

    suesue49 New Member

    Anyone ever use skelaxin for muscle pain? Pain spec. gave me 800mg. but it seemed kind of strong so haven't tried it yet. Have been to pt with myofacial release and some reflexology and massage. It had done wonders for the FM and I also have alot of lower back pain from scoliosis. Just wondering about the skelaxin. Thanks.
  2. StephieBee

    StephieBee New Member

    I had no luck with Skelaxin.

    Im not sure what your tolerance to any kinds of medications are, but mine are high.

    The only effective muscle relaxer that has helped me is Zanaflex. But I cannot take it during the day because it makes me too drowsy so I take it before bed.

    Soma has helped but only in high doeses.

    Valium helps my spasms greatly.

    I would say that if you dont have a high tolerance than go for it...800 mg is the starting dose.

  3. Shalala

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    I have been using skelaxin (limited use) for a couple of years but with this current flare I am taking 800mg 3x a day. I don't know if it is helping ... but it helps me relax and rest.
  4. natrlvr2

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    2400 mgs. a day and I liked it for my muscle spasms.But my insurance does nto allow it and no other muscle relaxers helps.
  5. JLH

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    I normally take Zanaflex at bedtime, but asked by doc if I could try Skelaxin. I tried it for a week, but it made me way too sleepy during the following day, so I quit it and went back to Zanaflex.