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    I had come across one of your posts where you mentioned about ever wishing we had a terminal illness instead. I get where you are coming from with this. In many ways, it feels as if we are dying a slow death, but we just aren't dying. It's like the body is totally kaput, and you feel like you want "out of the broken vehicle" so your soul can pop out and you can be freed from it. It feels in so many ways your dreams and goals for the future have died, causing the very essence of who you truly were meant to be to die. What good is a body if it doesn't work for you? And why all the pain and suffering to go along with it with "no cure" meaning no relief in sight? It is justifyable that a thought like that can cross your mind.

    Only know that, this terrible funk you are in now WILL PASS. As in life, your illness will have it's up and downs, too. You have a lot on your plate, especially with deciding to move or not. That is a HUGE stress creator (and we all know how stress can Flare everything up). I can only imagine how homesick you are if Texas is your real home. When I feel my worst, I just want to go home to Mom and have her make me a cup of tea and toast like when I was a little girl. No one can take care of you like Mom.

    All I can advise for a pick me up is to play some music from the years that you felt well and brings good memories. That always works for me.

    Lots of warm hugs, Vanna

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