sketchers shoes for balance

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    I have been wearing sketchers shoes for almost four years. They have helped with my balan ce. I used to trip all the time. I have to wear a mans size 8. Womens do not fit good. They cost around 75 to 90 dollars. I check around and I have been able to get them for 45 to 55. Pennys and Sears. I can go more places and I can walk longer. They really support my feet great. They also help with leg pain. I have to wear them all the time. I can not go back to the other shoes. I hope that this helps . We all can use a little help with this illness. There are so many issues with this DD. Have a great day. LITTLE
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    Never heard of Sketchers. (My dad used to have a pair of shoe stretchers though.)

    I am a little older than you. Have been having balance problems for the last
    couple years. Will check out Sketchers at Sears and Pennys. Thanks for
    the tip.

  3. quanked

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    Which style are you recommending?

    I use to wear a paticular Nike style years ago and I recall that that did fit well and did not cause the problems that some athletic shoes caused me.

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    I bought myself a pair of Sketcher Shapeups, not expecting too much, just thought that I would try them.

    I am 71 years old and have a bad foot not related to fibro.

    I made a trip to England about six weeks ago and I thought that I might need a wheelchair for my travels.

    But to my amazement the shoes did the trick.

    I managed to do quite a bit of walking and enjoyed my trip very much!

    I can't say they help fibro pain, but they sure have helped my bad foot.

    Take care Denamay
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    The pain that I'm refering to is the pain that I got when I was not balanced on my feet. It gives me good support so that I don't agravate the fibro pain in my legs and feet, ankles. Being off balance would make the fibro pain worse. Anything that I can do to lessen the pain I'll do.Thank you for answering my post. Little
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    I get the ones that look like sneakers. People don't know that I'm wearing men shoes. Thank you for replying. Little