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    Hello fellow skier. That was my passion too before I got hit with an adverse reaction to a drug called levaquin. A couple of months before getting nailed, I was heli skiing in the Canadian Rockies. Haven't skied since. Bummer.

    How bad was your FMS pain and in what areas of the body? The pain in my feet and shoulders makes it impossible to ski. Was your pain ever so bad that you couldn't ski? If so, what helped?

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    Oh, I haven't heli skiied yet, but would like to someday and most likely, in the Canadian Rockies. I went to Whister for the first time last February and it was great. We looked hard at the heli skiing there, but didn't want to spend the money, especially since I am not fully recovered, Yet! I took detox bathes everynight after skiing and this helped me tremendously. Sounds strange, I know. But I wouldn't have been able to ski if I hadn't done those.

    You'll be skiing again, I truly believe that. I was pretty sick at one time and NO, I couldn't ski. Too weak, too fatigued and too much muscle pain. We had friends come visit that don't know about my CFS/FM. We skiied with (well, I attempted to) them at Beaver Creek and it was embarrassing for me. No fun. FM pain to bad. That was a couple years ago. I was not taking enough magnesium back then. It makes a huge difference. Try Chelated Magnesium by Solgar. Take it throughout the day, not all at once. Start with 600mg and go up from there every few days (to 1000mg).

    When we have this kind of fatigue and pain, you can be sure that we're very low in magnesium. And in Selenium too. I like Jarrow's because the form methylselencystene, can't remember the spelling, is the best and most absorbable type. I take much more than the recommended 200mcg (about 600-800mcg per day). In addition, I eat about 4 or 5 organic brazil nuts too. That's another 400mcg of selenium. Diet is extremely important when you're ill. I don't put anything foreign into my body. No junk food, no OTC meds. I only use supplements, homeopathic remedies and good nutrition to heal my body. It's so sensitive, I don't have a choice. I also have juvenile diabetes and Hashimoto's (hypothyroid). I don't know what posts of mine you read but it was a ski accident that did me in again. I had previously recovered from CFS and it returned with a vengence after all the drugs (Tylox, Oxycontin, Dilaudid) they gave a bad anaphalatic reaction to an antibiotic while in the hospital after another surgery.

    How long have you been ill? What did the medicine do to you?? Was it an allergic reaction?? What have you done so far for the fatigue and pain. Any supplements?

    I'll help any way I can.

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    Glad to hear you are enjoying the skiing again (by the way I went to CU in the early 80's--Boulder is a great town). You must try the heli skiing--until you've been, there is no way to understand just how awesome the experience is. If you go, you need to go to Mike Wiegele in BC. They are the best operators.

    I took levaquin 4.5 years ago. It damaged my nervous system (tingling, numbness, vision problems, tinnitus, neuropathies, insomnia, twitching, anxiety, depression,etc) and my muscular skeletal system (tendon damage all over my body and joint pain). My nerve issues have mostly resolved. However, the tendon pain has never left me. I do cycle on the pain--the intensity ebbs and flows from being almost totally disabling to a level that only limits me from high impact sports and heavy lifting.

    I used to run, play tennis, golf, baseball, ski and take a very active role in the lives of my two young kids. No more. The only exercise my body can handle today is biking. I am fortunate as I know many people permanently and severely disabled by levaquin, cipro, avelox or another fluorquinolone antibiotic.

    I have tried seemingly everything. Gluten free diet, anti candida diet, detox diets including fasting, chiropractic, accupuncture, organic foods, every supplement known to mankind, etc. I do believe magnesium and vitamin C help me to an extent. I have taken no drugs since my brush with levaquin. Frankly, I'm scared to put another synthetic substance in my body. I don't want to mask my symptoms, I want to cure the underlying problem.

    I recently got desparate and went to an anti aging doc thinking he would prescribe some hormones as I believe part or most of my problem may be due to hormone imbalances even though my blood test results are in the normal range.

    He did prescribe armour thyroid and testosterone. The armour seemed to make me feel worse so I dropped it. Then I started the Testosterone about 3 weeks ago and I do seem to be feeling a little better each week. Not sure if it is the testosterone or simply the normal ebb and flow of my cycles of pain.

    That's my story--any thoughts?
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    is all i can say. That's unbelievable! It makes me so incredibly angry that this is allowed to happen. I am so sorry that you're going through this.

    It sounds like you've done alot of good things for yourself and have made some progress. It's very possible though that you should revisit some of the alternative modalities that you mentioned. It's not unlikely that you could still receive some healing benefits from those. Our bodies, as you probably already know, have the enate ability to heal itself, we just have to allow it to happen and it takes time.

    I would think that acupuncture would be worth doing again. (Chinese medicine is very slow!!) This will get your meridians aligned and in balance. I would imagine that yours were greatly damaged by the drug. Saying that, I have to tell you that not all acupuncturists are the same. Find one that has studied in China and has many years experience in "internal medicine". I am very lucky that I have one here. She's the greatest. Her technique is very powerful. I have to boil chinese herbs and drink them for 3 days after every session. Oh, they taste terrible! Lately, she has been pushing me hard. Last session I couln't sleep well for two days. I felt really charged! Sometimes she pushes my body alittle to hard, but all is ok now. I went through two acu's. before her.

    If you can find a Naturalpath or Homeopathic doctor who again has alot of experience in homeopathic remedies this could be very helpful. I do very well with homeopathic remedies and maybe you do to since you don't take meds. No chemicals for me either except insulin and Levoxyl. I just don't do well with western medicine. I had RSD with a ski accident and homeopathics helped heal the damaged nerves. RSD is a nerve disorder brought on by trauma. For alot of people it means permanent nerve damage and chronic pain. I was one of the lucky ones. Whenever I get the influenza, I take Oscillo which is a homeo. and it works great. My chow chow, Ming gets them too.

    Sounds like you have a good, clean diet. I don't know what you eat though, but if you could do some raw juicing that would be really good for you. It gives you a big hit of nutrients but doesn't fill you up. When your body is trying to heal you need ALOT of nutrients to feed the healing process and juicing will do this. Also it helps to detox. There are whole books filled with recepies.

    The "Shake" would be good to try too. Alot of people, including me, have felt better once trying this recepie. It took about two weeks before I got "hooked" on it. It can help with mood disorders (depression), sleep disorders too. Just type in The Shake, in the search field (title). If you can't find it let me know & I'll gladly repeat it for you.

    Are your tendons inflammed?? Ligaments too?? I suspect you are already taking some natural anti-inflamatories. Dr. Weil suggests acupuncture, Brommelain in between meals, New Chapter's Zyflamend, & DMSO. I have "tennis elbow" and DMSO is helping alot. I do all the others too though.

    Detoxing in the right way (slowly, but effectively) is the key to helping your body heal itself, in my very humble opinion. Which brings me to.....have you been in a Far Infrared Sauna? If you could find a wellness center or spa, this might be very helpful. We deal with so many toxins everyday that our bodies can't keep up even if we eat perfectly, especially if we have some kind of illness to fight. An Infrared Sauna helps us detox safely and effectively so we can heal what needs to be healed. I've heard of toxins that stay in "storage" for years in our bodies. Drug addicts tissues stay toxic for years even after they have stopped the drugs. They are recommended to sit in Infrared Saunas. I have bought one but it hasn't arrived yet. It gets delivered the week of the 10th. My feeling is that if we can get rid of as many toxins as possible than we can free up & reduce stress to the major organs allowing our bodies to heal.

    I just have to wonder if any residues of that drug could still be stored in your body. Have you been able to find much research on the drug and it's effects?? Is there anyone out there that has been able to heal from the damage it has caused...that you know of??

    The antibiotic they gave me while in the hospital, I feel did a lot of damage to my immune system which, of course leads to fatigue.

    Hope I didn't over whelm you. Don't know if this info will be of any help to you, but I wanted to try. All of these things I mentioned, I do as well and have found them to help me.

    Hugs to you,

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