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    Lately it seems like my skin and scalp are rebelling against me....seriously, the skin on my body has been insanely dry and the Vit E creme that I have used in the past is not working, and I seem to have developed an allergy to the small amt of fragrance in it. I think that all the oil in my body has migrated to the T zone on my face and to my scalp, though, bc my face started breaking out like crazy and the dandruff that was gone has come back. (I am feeling like I look like a bit of a freak these days.)

    So, I am trying to find solutions for extremely dry skin and for the dandruff. I was using Head and Shoulders regular shampoo, and it also seems to have stopped working. I have tried stuff with tar in it and cannot tolerate it. I tried H&S extra strong stuff today, and it bothered my allergies and was really drying to my already very thin and brittle hair. So, I need suggestions for fragrance free, sensitive skin lotion or creme for extremely dry skin, and fragrance free shampoo for dandruff...oh and any suggestions for break outs would be good, too. While I realize that this sounds a bit vain and that there are a million other physical issues that are worse, it is still embarrassing and the dry skin is actually painful.

    And, I really, really wish that people would outlaw strong chemicals and fragrances.
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    I have the same problems Tammie.

    My lovely thick hair is now thin dry hair falling out and my skin feels like crocodile skin!
    It is as though my skin has no pores to breathe!Creams do not work and I too have tried lots of things I even put olive oil on my scalp to see if that would clear it up............feels like cradle cap which babies get lol.
    I did get diagnosed with excema and think this is what it is.........My body and legs get sort of spotty and itch like mad and my scalp hurts to touch.And I get BIG flakes of dandruff.

    I live in the UK and have been getting a product from my gp which can also be bought OTC.
    It is called OLATIUM and thay do a shampoo/bath formula and skin cream.
    It is the best thing I have used for when I have flare ups and it does ease the itching and dryness.

    My DIL uses it too for her kids who have Excema.
    Hope this helps

    Oh I forgot...........I also use a big tub of Aqueous Cream instead of soap....for washing anywhere,It is so soothing try it.Very cheap too.


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