Skin Burn or Pain

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by PatsyK, Oct 21, 2008.

  1. PatsyK

    PatsyK New Member

    Can any one tell me if this all over skin Pain/Burn including tongue. is related to Paxil. It is incapacitating me. I have been told it is myofacial pain, but I have had that for 28 years as well as Fibro. the Burning thing is rather new and I wonder if anyone has connected this to SSri etc. Any help would be appreciated. I am also 65 years young.My husband was just dianosed with Parkinsons and has cancer. Could it be stress? HELP!The skin burn/pain ia basically all over my body. It hurts when I touch my skin. Vicodin helps but i can only tolerate one and a half of the 5mg. I also take traz 75 and elavil 40mg.
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  2. jenmik

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    sorry to hear about your husband and yourself.
    I know that stress does alot to your body, including supressing the immune system. So, it wouldnt be unlikely that you are having a flare up from your fibro.
    I am not taking paxil, and I have terriable skin burning. I dont know if Paxil can cause the burning. But I do know that its horriable.
    My Rheumy told me that the burning is from fibro. (I have RA)
    Where do you have your pain? Mine is on my thighs, butt, and belly area.

    Take care....If you have any questions please let me know....I will see if I can help...or I can just listen.... jenmik
  3. Jayna

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    ... just not steady.

    Is the Paxil making you constipated?

    Or is it making you notice pain less so you are doing more activity, burning off more energy that is needed for basic body functions, and thus more toxins are being created/pushed around than your other waste-disposal systems can handle?

    Since the skin is one of the body's routes for getting rid of toxins, I can tell when my other systems (liver, bowels, lungs & kidneys) are getting overwhelmed or not functioning properly because I start to get the skin burning as toxic sweat starts to creep out through my pores. Sometimes it's localized near particular joints or muscle groups, sometimes it's all over including in the saliva glands in my mouth.

    First line of defense is to rinse the skin (shower) often so the stuff doesn't burn your skin surface any longer than absolutely necessary. Soaps, body washes or scrubbing cloths will aggravate the tender skin at this stage, so be gentle. Cream well to soothe the skin and prevent drying.

    Second line of defense is to keep your other systems working well, with lots of water for the kidneys, lots of fibre for the digestion, maybe some milk thistle and/or dandelion tea to support your liver breaking down the toxic load in your body.

    Good luck!
  4. misskoji

    misskoji Member

    When you mentioned this burning pain, something triggered in my head about something I'd read about before. It's called Reflex Sympathetic Dystrophy. I am not saying this is what you have, and I really hope it is not. But many that complain of the intense burning sensation you have are led to researching this. It could be so many things. Hypersensitivity brought on by flare, allergy, ect. Good luck and I'm sorry you and your husband have to suffer so.


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