Skin Discoloratio?Fiboblast cause bruising? SUG PLZ

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    I have been expereinsing bruising at various points.Very few are caued by any type of rough affliction.This started in Nov and is just becoming a BRUZ aday world. I also have greyish patches an my legs,when touched they feel like subcutanious water retention and fibroblasts.My Dr said I may need sinus surgery. He also gave me a list for blood work he said was imparitive I have done this week(CBC,CMP,ANA,PT,PTT) ANYONE? He gave me samples of Bextra and Ultracet.I take Benadryl,Klonopin,Prazac,Guaifenesin. Iwas on Fleril and Paxil flinching too much and cost took those away.Neurontin was used for 2 yrs. I do suggested strething and try to stay active, I can work 4hrs at a time w/20 min stretch breaks. Is Brusing this common? Oh yea, I dropped 45lbs in 3 mnths No appitite,plus vomiting is frequent occurance.Greatly appreciate any input to try stop spinning w/dizziness,as well as limiting bruising. Thanks All, EXBRUZR
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    This is interesting, could you tell me more about the bruses.

    What are the shapes of the bruses.
    Color at first
    Color when fading
    How long do they last

    Is the appearance of the bruses sometimes preceded by headache, sudden episodes ofof sharp pain or aching?

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    Hi, I too experience alot of bruising with no known cause. Some are huge, some small. I am beginning to wonder if I am anemic. The weather is getting warmer and it is starting to get embarrassing to wear shorts. It looks like I got beat up. lol. I have noticed though that some of the bruises I do have are from excessive itching in that one particular spot. Connection? I dont know. Going to doc tomorrow to talk about severe low back pain. I will ask about bruising as well.
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    i get bruises all the legs are the worst.if i'm having a flare i look like my husband beats me!i get bruises and know i havn't ran into anything.imy doc hasn't seemed too concerned about them.just part of the fibro.

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    The question seems to be what mt SPOTS look like. They come QUICK! Sometimes I fel Pain prior to arrival,almost like cutting sensation,with burn. Yes they do seem to have an irritating Itch ,when turning back to "normal" color. Spots start DEEP purple/blackish,slowly fade to brownish orange,then yellow/green. Many times my skin will have grey tint after spots leave.Most of the other grey areas are on calfs in front, back of arms,wrist area,front of thigh,along body side in breast area. Many times very soon after SPOT developes I become violently Ill with FLU like symptoms(vomiting&excessive perspiring and fatigued so bad I could fall asleep standing!).Going into my 8th month it has become routine. I also release alot of blood strains in my thick gunky mucus. THX,
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    It's possible that your bruising is related to your sinus problems. Sinus problems and resulting chronic infection are a cause of CFS/FM. It's well known among ENT's that sinus infection causes chronic fatigue. You don't say what your sinus problems are but I suggest you have the surgery ASAP. I'm glad I did.

    The infection maybe causing generalized edema. After your surgery, or before if you can it, get gentle massage therapy to increase your blood flow and elimate this fluid. This will stop the bruising.

    Also get off the drugs as soon as possible. Before and after surgery use saline nasal spray 3 or 4 times a day to help get rid of the infection, shrink the tissues, and prevent scar formation. Many people are completely cured after surgery. For others more surgery and agressive antibiotic therapy maybe needed.

    I wish you the best of luck and let us know if you recover your health.